Get more from your data lake with Vector for Hadoop

Actian’s pioneering Vector technology exploits vectorized processing and multi-level, in-memory acceleration delivers 100X faster SQL performance on Hadoop data stores over Impala or Hive.​

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The High-Performance Analytic Database Engine for Hadoop

Vector is the industry’s fastest analytic database. Vector’s ability to handle continuous updates without a performance penalty makes it an Operational Data Warehouse (ODW) capable of incorporating the latest business information into your analytic decision-making. Vector achieves extreme performance with full ACID compliance on Hadoop.

With Vector, you get more from your Hadoop investment.

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Three Ways Vector Accelerates Hadoop Analytics

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Scale-Out Hadoop SQL Performance

Dramatically improve performance by 100X using Vector  – to accelerate SQL performance in Hadoop clusters. Workloads of standard benchmark queries that typically take over two hours with traditional SQL solutions on Hadoop finish in less than a minute running on Vector.

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Zero-Penalty, Real-Time Data Updates

Organizations no longer have to give up consistency for performance. Unlike traditional Hadoop analytics solutions, Vector for Hadoop can process real-time data updates without any performance penalty, ensuring that an organization’s analytics always uses the freshest data.

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Native Spark-Powered Direct Query Access

Through its innovative native Spark support, Vector delivers optimized access to Hadoop data file formats including Parquet and ORC, provides the ability to perform functions such as SQL joins across different table types and serves as a faster query execution engine for SparkSQL and Spark R applications.

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Not Convinced Yet? Let Our SVP of Engineering Explain How We Deliver Superior Performance

Watch this “Deep Dive” video with Actian’s SVP of Engineering, Emma McGrattan, to learn how Vector’s innovative architecture delivers superior performance at scale.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been searching for the killer database that would fulfill most of our intense data processing needs and with the discovery of Vector, that search is now over – this database is in a class of its own. Right out of the box, Vector lets us effortlessly plow through millions and millions of rows of data with infinite width and depth and without the need for new expensive hardware, complicated schemas, explicit indexing, pre-aggregation, or specifically hand-crafted DBA-tuned SQL. The Actian leaders and technologists have performed a miracle here.

Warren Master

CTO, The Rohatyn Group