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Power more business users and data-intensive applications on-premises and in hybrid environments. Collect, manage, and analyze data in real time with a transactional database, data integration, data quality, and data warehouse capabilities in one easy-to-use platform. 

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High-performance, low-cost analytics here. Trust us.

What if data analytics was easy for everyone—with little or no IT help? And the analytics offered ultra-fast performance at a fraction of the cost of other platforms? With Actian, you don’t have to choose between real-time insights and cost. You can have it all, empowering everyone to use data for mission-critical business needs without compromising.  

Data Analytics with Actian Data

Analyze any data

Deliver business results faster and with full confidence by securely integrating any data from any source.

Data analytics benefits and data insights

Deploy your way

Choose a cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environment for your data, and never worry about vendor lock-in.

data analytics benefits for Actian

Simplify data usage

Eliminate IT bottlenecks with self-service data analytics and business intelligence for data users across the organization.

Modern products, features, and capabilities

Get the easy-to-use data and analytics products and capabilities needed to advance and inform your business.

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Actian Data Platform

Get deep value from data with greater confidence. Take advantage of industry-leading price performance and flexible deployment options to make confident, data-driven decisions faster. 

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Access data for analytics across data centers and clouds with our vectorized columnar analytics database. Run complex queries against billions of records on commodity hardware in seconds 

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Actian X

Use this hybrid transactional and analytics processing database that brings together the Ingres and the Vector databases for OLTP and next-generation operational analytics

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A single platform drives
infinite use cases

Saving customers time and efficiency.

Academy Bank transforms operations in a hybrid environment 

The Actian Data Platform helped save 4+ hours of daily manual data entry for Academy Bank and helped them develop new online services to improve customer experience.

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Academy Bank use case with Actian

Success stories are made
with Actian

"As a national meteorological service, Met Éireann is a 24/7, 365 day-per-year operation. Our users and customers depend on us to provide accurate and timely weather and climatological information. Disruption to services is not an option."

"Actian and our BI tools integrate seamlessly and deliver real-time insights with great speed and performance. We’re able to make informed, risk-balanced decisions very quickly."

"I think it's fair to say that the system we operate on, because it is stable and maintained for so long, is reliable and works consistently and supports the business in its daily operations."