Harness your Hybrid data to
Maximize Customer Outcomes and Asset Utilization

The transportation and logistics industry is facing a myriad of challenges: the pandemic, changing regulations, stiff competition within and across shipping modes, aggressive timelines, direct end-customer delivery, and opposing forces of consolidation, specialization, and outsourcing.  Beating your competition requires real-time decision making and automation in three key areas: Customer360, Resource Management, and Risk Analysis.

Transportation and Logistics Solutions

Enterprise data management solutions that help transportation and logistics organizations improve decision making and automatation across disparate apps, data and deployed assets and people.

Customer 360

From customer profiling to on-boarding, analysis of sales and marketing to optimize campaigns, satisfaction, customer 360 touches far more systems and departments for transportation and logistics customers and siloed analytics and visualization of separate systems delivers an incomplete picture. With Actian Avalanche, you can collect, aggregate, query and analyze disparate data from siloed systems: CRM, SCM, HR, financials but also real-time track-and-trace data across your suppliers, warehouses, in-flight distribution, and end-point delivery.

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Resource Management

Fleet and asset management, supply chain optimization, and mobile workforce management are critical resource management areas undergoing digital transformation, including migration to the cloud and IoT at the edge, for example, RF-ID tagging, fleet intelligence, and GPS tracking.  Make the most of these investments by quickly and iteratively analyzing data across these systems by moving disparate data to a virtual data lake in the Cloud without heavy up front investment or specialized resources.

Risk Analysis and Management

Determine if a delivery schedule, flight path, truck route or other critical business process should be undertaken and, if so, how much risk is associated with it. Fully harness AI/ML with real-time connected data warehousing of data from disparate customer, business partner and even governmental sources to fully optimize growth, profitability and business risk.

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Flight and route planning and management:

Lufthansa Systems relies on Actian to make thousands of flights run smoothly for millions of passengers worldwide

Provide a robust and stable database platform to underpin the airline’s own planning and routing software that is also licensed to hundreds of airlines globally


“It’s very reassuring to know that our solution, which keeps airplanes and passengers safe, is backed up by a database that has for so many years been playing in the ‘premier league’”

Customer Story

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