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Leading telecom data analytics

Drive insights into your content and service provision to deliver higher revenues from your existing customers and acquire new ones.

Leading telecom data analytics with Actian

Content and service provider solutions

Participants in the content and service provider industries know all too well how stiff the competition is. Investments into the right syndicated content or the latest edge networking standards and roll-out of 5G and WiFi-6 infrastructure, for example, are only half the equation. The other half is a real-time, connected data platform, capable of handling Edge-to-Cloud to data center data integration and management for end-point devices (fix, mobile and IoT), network, content and – most of all – customer use and behavioral analytics that drive optimal mix and delivery of services.

Using Actian Data Platform for wireless caller fraud detection with per call measurement data

Maximizing the 5G Opportunity: How Telcos Will Reinvent Their Business with Data

Network analytics and preventative maintenance

Today’s multi-functional, high-bandwidth networks are complex and require real-time adaptive algorithms to diagnose and resolve problems. Predicting failures requires a shared and distributed data management platform integrated into front-end IoT, native cloud, and backend legacy apps and data repositories capable of logging, processing, and analyzing millions of events daily.

Communication analytics and maintenance with Actian
Real-time content delivery optimization with Actian solutions

Real-time content delivery optimization

Optimize your revenue and customer satisfaction from on-demand syndicated content through analytics that leverage billing and revenue management, subscription ordering systems, dynamic offers, and sale pricing. This is only possible with an underlying data warehouse that can retrieve real-time data from disparate back-end apps and databases as well as edge end-point devices and the networks between them.

Customer 360

Incorporate income, assets, area code, and other micro-demographic segmentation, along with an individual’s transactional records, where and how they interact with your financial services organization define and personalize the relationship with customers. With Actian Data Platform you can collect, aggregate, query, and analyze disparate data that represent customer profiles.

Actian Customer 360
Modernize your communication solutions with Actian

Modernize content, communications, and service provider applications

Actian can provide you with a single modular data management platform across end-point mobile and IoT devices, remote network infrastructure, and inline analytics on legacy transactional systems, and then extract and combine data from these new sources and disparate SCM, HCM, MES, and other ERP systems to perform analytics, generating new insights into QoS and QoE over billions of events.

With millions of subscribers and double-digit growth per annum, we needed to stand up a Hadoop data lake with a high-performance analytics platform on top. Actian helps us analyze billions of transactions per day and drill down from a general KPI to an individual call or message in seconds.

Chief Information Officer of a Major European Communications Service Provider

Success stories are made
with Actian

Actian Vector gives us the ability to respond to virtually any requirements a user may have and offer deeper insights into business data. We may analyze 10 billion events in order to generate reports used in strategic decision-making.