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No one makes data easier to manage while giving you 100% confidence in your results. Everything you need is available in a fully managed platform—integration, data management, and unbeatable performance at scale.

Actian platform databases

Manage data on your terms, without compromising

Connecting, managing, and analyzing mission-critical data has never been easier. Solve problems and drive outcomes without relying on IT assistance.

Easy to use databases with Actian

Ease of use

Enable everyone in the organization to easily access and optimize data—no matter their skill level.

Platform database system benefits

Flexible deployment

Deploy in any cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environment—and deploy quickly.

Price performance with Actian

Leading price performance

Take advantage of lightning-fast performance at scale—and benefit from surprisingly low costs.

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supply chain data with platform databases

Supply chain forecasting

Have complete confidence in demand forecasting for your supply chain.

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The easiest data platform on earth

Get the flexibility, cutting-edge capabilities, and trusted analytics you need for your database.

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Actian Ingres

Transform quickly with a hybrid transactional and analyticals processing database built for next-generation operational analytics. Use powerful and scalable transactional processing capabilities.

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Benefit from low-maintenance, high performance, and a small footprint. Zen databases are ideal for apps running in branch offices or edge devices.

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Gain high-availability, replication, and agile development capabilities, and make application development fast and easy.

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Take a fast, affordable path to the cloud with minimal risk by optimizing a cloud-native, enterprise-grade, versatile database.

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HCL Informix

Utilize fast, trusted, cost-optimized enterprise data management capabilities. Scale to meet business needs with zero downtime.

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Realize superior performance running complex queries against billions of records with a vectorized columnar analytics database.

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From challenges to triumphs: real-world customer successes

More than 10,000 customers around the world trust Actian with their data. See how your peers are using data and analytics in new and innovative ways.

Early Access Program

Try our new co-managed service for Actian Ingres.

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Actian X database and vector analytics database

Deploy anywhere, integrate seamlessly

Choose the deployment option that’s the best fit for your business and intelligently expand your ecosystem.

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Experience unprecedented flexibility with superior speed, service, and scalability.

  • Put data in the hands of users across your organization.
  • Perform cutting-edge analytics to inform decision-making.
  • Amplify value by embracing heightened agility and scalability.
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Hybrid cloud

Blend public cloud and on-premises solutions to benefit from the advantages of both.

  • Leverage the best tool for each task, considering all factors.
  • Retain precision control over performance and security.
  • Achieve new levels of flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency.
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Leverage the power of hardware, software, and applications hosted onsite.

  • Safeguard on-premises data and infrastructure investments.
  • Control the hardware and IT systems that underpin data analytics.
  • Customize hardware and implement purpose-built systems to meet your needs.

Deploy on your preferred cloud

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Scale with ease and make data easy to use, wherever it lives. Take advantage of Actian and Google Cloud’s strategic partnership.

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Confidently get more value from your data and accelerate growth. Launch your journey to AWS with Actian.

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Get the power and speed you need in the cloud, along with trusted results. Optimize Microsoft Azure with Actian.

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Success stories are made
with Actian

"Actian and our BI tools integrate seamlessly and deliver real-time insights with great speed and performance. We’re able to make informed, risk-balanced decisions very quickly."

Because Actian Vector can deliver extraordinary performance using only a small number of commodity compute nodes, the solution has exceeded the performance and functionality benchmarks of Netezza while lowering overall cost of ownership.

"Actian's expert customer service has been invaluable on our journey, as their team not only understands our specific requirements and delivers tailored and responsive solutions, contributing significantly to our success."