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Database-centric rapid application development.

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OpenRoad with Actian

What is OpenROAD?

OpenROAD is a database-centric, object-oriented, 4GL rapid application development (RAD) tool that lets you develop and deploy mission-critical, n-tier business applications on Windows, Linux and Unix. OpenROAD connects to databases such as Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Zen and Actian X and supports additional databases using ODBC.

OpenROAD makes application modernization easy

OpenROAD migration tools modernize “green screen” Ingres ABF applications by converting ABF forms into OpenROAD frames. Encapsulating ABF business logic and deploying it in an OpenROAD Server preserves and protects application development investment. You can transform OpenROAD thick-client applications to browser-based equivalents without the cost, resource, effort, and risk associated with rewriting or replacing code. Developers can then extend these applications for web and mobile deployment, using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Key benefits

With OpenROAD, developers can quickly build and deploy high performance and high availability business applications on a variety of platforms, accessing a broad range of data sources. As a result, you can react to business changes faster and protect your investment in mainframe and client server data and applications.

  • Modernize “green screen” Ingres ABF and thick-client OpenROAD applications with minimal code changes.
  • Create and deploy web and mobile applications with the same functionality as desktop applications.
  • Protect system and database investments by integrating them with new applications.
  • Re-use existing and third-party components to accelerate development.
  • Decouple business logic from presentation and database functions to increase performance and availability while reusing business logic across applications.
  • Re-deploy applications to other platforms without changing code.
  • Easily expose business logic as a web service.
  • Develop centrally and deploy remotely to a variety of clients and servers.
  • Rapidly and cost effectively build applications that meet today’s high performance and availability needs.
  • Decouple business logic from presentation and database functions increasing performance and availability incrementally and inexpensively.
  • Quickly deploy those applications across a variety of platforms.
  • Re-deploy applications to other platforms without changing code.
  • Protect existing system and database investments by integrating them with new applications.
  • Easily expose business logic as a web service.
  • Re-use existing and third-party components, speeding development further.


OpenROAD Integrations

Use cases

OpenRoad offers our customers database-centric, object-oriented, and 4GL rapid app development.

HSS Hire uses OpenROAD for logistical applications to manage entire inventory

  • Provides complete equipment management and hire services to large businesses, trade and DIY customers.
  • Enables HSS account customers to view their invoices and transactions online and also view up-to-the-minute current equipment availability.
  • Supports a nationwide network of over 265 super-centers and branches.
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HSS Hire OpenRoad Customer Story

Bucap uses OpenROAD to develop its own document management software application

  • Powers self-service portal to improve responsiveness.
  • Accommodates user requests for changes and new features easier and faster.
  • Increases development team productivity and reduces costs.
  • Supports over 450 customers with more than 5,000 user accounts, adding over 65K scanned documents per day, for a library of nearly 500M documents.
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BUCAP customer story using OpenROAD

Lufthansa Systems uses OpenROAD to develop its Lido/Flight Planning solution

  • Used by hundreds of airlines to ensure correct flight planning and flight safety.
  • Shares updates on a new flight path, a new flight restriction, an airport closure or severe turbulence on the horizon with its customers.
  • Ensures that airlines and pilots en route can get their passengers and their cargo safely to their destination.
  • Calculates optimal flight routes to generate millions of dollars in fuel cost savings.
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Lufthansa Systems Customer Story with OpenROAD

OpenROAD features

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Tagged values/custom extensions

Customize OpenROAD more richly, with simpler code.

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Codeless 1-pass application restyling

Restyle existing applications without writing new production code.

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Predefined frame setup will reduce custom runtime and setup time.

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Customizable field and frame behaviors

Speed up customization and keep business logic free of display code.

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Userclass and display generator

Leverage database information to deliver improved display functionality.

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Managed OpenROAD client deployment from a central server.

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Unicode support

Allows existing applications to support national characters via UTF8 with little to no code changes.

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Syntax highlighting

Script editor supports syntax highlighting of 4GL and SQL.

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Faster development

Use component-based interactive development environment to speed new functionality.

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More versatile

Client support interfaces to Java, .NET, web and mobile clients.

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Quicker deployment

Centralize and simplify deployment to a variety of remote clients and versions.

OpenROAD for legacy data

OpenROAD connects to legacy data

Rapidly develop and prototype interactive client elements connected to a variety of servers and data sources, including Ingres and other relational databases (using Enterprise Access).