Actian leadership

The Actian executive team brings together deep industry knowledge and experience. The team understands enterprises are faced with an ever changing business and operational landscape and envisions a world where data-driven insights are at the center of every important decision from the boardroom to the network’s edge.

Actian Leadership Team
Marc Potter headshot

Marc Potter

Chief Executive Officer

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Steve Lennon headshot

Steve Lennon

Chief Operating Officer

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Jennifer Jackson (JJ) headshot

Jennifer Jackson

Chief Marketing Officer

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Marc Monahan headshot

Marc Monahan

Chief Financial Officer

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Steve Padgett headshot

Steve Padgett

Chief Information Officer

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Pamela Fowler headshot

Pamela Fowler

SVP - Customer Success

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Emma Mcgrattan headshot

Emma McGrattan

SVP - Engineering and Product

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Romy Mager-Omphalius headshot

Romy Mager-Omphalius

SVP - Renewals Sales

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Robert Ruppel headshot

Robert Ruppel

SVP - Global Field Sales

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