Accelerate analytic workflows

Easy to use high-performance data extraction, analysis, transformation and loading.

Dataflow with Actian

What is Actian DataFlow?

Actian DataFlow provides a parallel execution platform for real-time processing of data-in-motion.  Traditional ETL operations, such as data transformation, data quality, data cleansing, etc., can be performed in parallel, eliminating performance bottlenecks in your data acquisition processes.  Moreover, DataFlow can be used to perform real-time analysis of this data-in-motion, looking for predetermined patterns and/or outliers to business models, and take prescribed action when these patterns are observed.

  • Easy to implement – No complex parallel processing issues; visual and API level interfaces.
  • Scalable – Performance dynamically scales with increased core counts and increased nodes.
  • High throughput – Fast, deep analysis of large data sets with no limit on input data size.
  • Extensible technology – Customize the platform to remain in control of development.
  • Cost efficient – Maximum performance from commodity multi-core SMP servers and clusters.

Simple to use KNIME based point and click design interface for analytics model design. No coding required.


Data Flow


blue Data Flow icon for Actian


Automatic parallelization of tasks to maximize throughput.

blue Data Flow icon for Actian


Extends KNIME GUI with powerful new functions.

blue Data Flow icon for Actian


Easy drag and drop workflow creation and maintenance.