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Actian Ingres: trusted and

Ultra-reliable SQL-standard transactional database with X100 operational analytics.

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What is Actian Ingres?

Actian Ingres* has long been known as an ultra-reliable enterprise transactional database. Today Actian Ingres is a hybrid transactional/analytical processing database with record-breaking performance. Ingres supports both row-based and columnar storage formats using its ultra-reliable enterprise transactional database, and Vector’s X100 analytics engine. This combination allows organizations to perform transaction processing and operational analytics easily and efficiently within a single database.

Transactional processing

The most trusted and time-tested transactional database with a low total cost of ownership, 24×7 global support and industry-leading customer satisfaction. It has a proven track record, with thousands of enterprises running billions of transactions over decades of deployment, upgrades, and migrations.

Transactional processing with Actian Ingres
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Operational analytics

Operational analytics empowers confident decision-making by providing real-time insights into business operations. With quick identification of trends, patterns, and anomalies, organizations can proactively address issues before they escalate into larger problems.

Features and benefits

Exceptional performance.

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Per-query parallelism

Enhance application performance by distributing a workload across multiple processing units.

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Automated workload management

Ensure that critical or time-sensitive queries receive precedence, optimizing resource allocation and improving overall system efficiency.

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Query result caching with automatic overflow to disk

Eliminate workloads having to wait for memory to free up before they can complete execution.

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Optimize query execution plans using automatically generated statistics.

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Communication services optimization

Improve query performance on heterogeneous networks by addressing challenges such as latency, bandwidth, network reliability, and data consistency.

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System health monitoring

Use pre-configured plug-ins to keep track of the health of Ingres databases and host systems. Keep business-critical application systems in top shape and better plan scheduled maintenance.

Actian Ingres security and compliance

Strong security and compliance

Vigorous defense
Ensure secure access to systems and data with advanced user access controls, security auditing, and containerized Java and Python UDFs that eliminate risks with in-process implementations.

Encrypted communications
Protect your sensitive data with AES-256 network encryption that protects against brute-force and Denial of Services (DoS) attacks.

Dynamic data masking
Meet data privacy, regulatory and compliance measures by masking data in real-time with role-based, full, partial, and calculated user views.

Cloud backup and disaster recovery
Flexibly recover from service disruptions, accidental data deletion, or data corruption.

We simply cannot afford to be off the air, and Actian Ingres helps ensure that we’re not. It is a scalable and performance database engine.

John Barron

Chief Information Officer Office of the Revenue Commissioners, Republic of Ireland

Flexible deployment

Run on-premises or on your own private cloud for flexibility and control. Or, get the same on-premises features on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud without the complexity and risk of managing your own infrastructure.

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Run on popular platforms such as Linux and Windows, as well as traditional platforms whether virtualized or bare metal.

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Select virtual machine deployment for easy and fast migration.

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Docker containers

Rapidly realize value from cloud scale, elasticity, and high availability with portability to move data between cloud platforms and data centers. Kubernetes orchestration (GKS, AKS, and EKS) and Helm Charts make deployment easy and consistent.


OpenROAD turns green screen applications into visually appealing user interfaces with minimal effort by providing developers with a range of tools:

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OpenROAD and Workbench IDE

Build and maintain applications built using the OpenROAD framework or migrated from ABF applications.

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Low-code/no-code development environment

Create complex UI layouts using drag and drop tools, visual editors, and wizards.

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The abf2or migration utility

Migrate business logic, data sources and scripts to OpenROAD ensures data connectors and queries execute quickly and efficiently.

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Generate and deploy web and mobile applications in HTML5 and JavaScript.

Modernize with Actian Ingres

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing how organizations operate and deliver value to their customers. For many, moving mission-critical databases and applications to the cloud is an untapped opportunity to improve business agility and supercharge innovation.

The Ingres NeXt initiative provides your business with flexible options for running the Actian Ingres database on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), while continuing to run on-premises.

Modernize Now
Modernize with Actian Ingres

*Actian Ingres includes the product formerly known as Actian X.