Actian Ingres 10.2 Lays Foundation for Big Data Foray by Adding Geospatial Enhancements, Simplified Configuration, New Syntax, SQL Functions and Data Types

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., September 30, 2014–Actian, the first company to deliver an end-to-end analytics platform that runs natively in Hadoop, with industry leading operational and analytics databases, today unveiled Ingres 10.2, the latest version of its relational database that enables customers to collect, analyze and share spatial and business data together. Ingres 10.2 database is available now to Actian’s 10,000 customers who can take their first steps into big data analytics, significantly enhance core functions and help reduce costs.

Enabling Big Data Baby Steps

Ingres 10.2’s new Window Function Syntax combined with extended geospatial capabilities empowers companies that are still somewhat new to heavy-duty analytics to “test the waters” by running various individual analyses and testing out simple calculations. Actian customer Oxford University has begun testing Window Function Syntax, among other new features of Ingres 10.2.

“Our developers are already using these functions to find new answers and advance our analyses. We look forward to the world of new possibilities these windowing functions create,” said Geraint Jones, database administrator at Nuffield Department of Population Health, Oxford University.

New Features, Easier Configuration Create Transformational Value from Customer Data

One of Ingres 10.2’s biggest highlights is the advancement of its already industry-leading spatial data capabilities––50 new geospatial data types in all. It also comes with 12 new SQL functions for even better enterprise-class data management in that programming language, as well as several new out-of-the-box features that make for easier setup and operation. Key new functions of Ingres 10.2 include:

  • Geospatial Enhancements – 50 new geospatial data types, including eight 2-D, 27 3-D and 15 4-D data types, as well as eight linear reference functions
  • Query Parallelization – An explicit parallelism level can now be set for a single query
  • New SQL Functions – Now comes with additional date and time, conversion, IP network address and aggregate functions
  • Window Function Syntax – A great way to get started with simple analytics
  • DBMS-Level Authentication – Removes need to add an operating system user every time a new user needs access to the database
  • Remote GCA – Permits a GCA client process to connect to a remote installation without requiring a name server or communications server to be running in the client installation
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Data Types and Functions – IPV4 and IPV6 store host addresses in binary format
  • UTF-8 Transliteration – Allows mapping from UTF-8 character set to a non–UTF-8 character set

“Many of Ingres 10.2’s new benefits are a direct result of our various interactions with Actian’s development team over time. We greatly appreciate Actian’s willingness to listen to the needs of its customers and respond accordingly,” said Jones.

“We continue to see huge interest in our Ingres product which is heavily downloaded given its stress-free and easy implementation and deployment. Ingres 10.2 embodies our mission to provide a more dynamic database management experience for the enterprise,” said Ashish Gupta, CMO and senior vice president of business development at Actian. “Our Ingres customers are adding analytics capabilities to their operational workloads and the recently extended geospatial capabilities and access to the Actian Analytics Platform is proving to meet their demands holistically. Of particular note is Sheetz, a $5 billion convenience store business that uses Ingres to manage inventory turns and is now able to create next best offers and promotions using predictive analytics via the Actian Analytics Platform.”

To learn more, please attend Actian’s annual Ingres Technical User Group Conference in London on Oct. 7, or visit Ingres customers may register at:

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