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Introducing DataConnect 12 with new enhancements for data quality and automation!


Kiabi gains customer insights with real-time and historical analysis of data

Kiabi sales and marketing teams can make data-driven decisions based on both real-time and historical analytics. Actian Avalanche enabled Kiabi to analyze terabytes of sales data from more than 20 million customers, with query response times as much as 200x faster than on the old Oracle database.

Actian Avalanche queries over 800 million records and scales to terabyte datasets to power the analytics for more than 20 million Kiabi customers.

“Our business users can now analyze all our markdowns, and with a much finer granularity. They can drill down and gain insights into sales and marketing performance that weren’t available before.”

Persistent Myths


Top 4 Persistent Myths of Cloud Data Warehouses

If you are thinking about modernizing your legacy data warehouse, you may be looking at cloud data warehouses as a logical next step. And you may assume that all cloud data warehouses lead to significant savings.  Read this report by Early Adopter Research to understand why not all cloud data warehouses are created equal.



Rethinking the Data Warehouse Modernization – Charting Your Journey to a Nex-gen Cloud Data Warehouse

Data warehouse modernization. Sounds like a no-brainer. Move your Netezza, Terada or Exadata warehouse that likely runs on obsolete, proprietary hardware to a shiny new system that runs in the cloud. But is it that easy?