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Decision-making in the moment

Actian Data Platform runs as a fully managed service on AWS to simplify how you connect, manage, and analyze data. It delivers superior price performance as demonstrated by GigaOm, enabling REAL real-time analytics with split-second response times.

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Fast, reliable, and scalable databases on
AWS Marketplace

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Critical data

Managing the world’s most mission critical data.

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Cloud native

Running cloud native or virtualized on AWS.

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Available on AWS

OneDB and HCL Informix available on AWS.

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Built-in integration with less complexity

Pre-built integration to hundreds of data sources, including leading SaaS applications and reducing development time and resources. You can design once and deploy anywhere (cloud, VPC, embedded, and on-premises). Hybrid data integration management simplifies integration across these deployment models while data quality rules help ensure your data is complete and compliant.

Success stories are made
with Actian

"Actian is a critical part of our infrastructure. Without it, we couldn’t do the processing and automation needed for our banking operations."

Deliver exceptional applications on AWS

Get application modernization with reduced complexity and cost. Our low code application development enables fast delivery and makes it effortless to build applications that connect to databases such as Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Actian Zen, Actian X and more via ODBC.

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