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Manufacturing data solutions with Actian

Manufacturing industry solutions

Regardless of what your product is, its complexity, or if that product sells to consumers or a few large enterprise customers, it’s the data that describes your product that gives it a competitive edge. Key components of Industry 4.0 such as digital twins and smart factory, real-time prediction for SCM, and visibility into your customers use of your products, will require real-time connected data from edge to cloud to data center. A comprehensive understanding and use of all this data will determine whether your firm thrives or merely survives.

Actian can provide you with an industry-leading, real-time connected data platform that integrates with your legacy on-premises manufacturing systems and extends to the edge Mobile and IoT data.

Manufacturing analytics

Get the most out of your cloud investment. Harness the power of Actian Data Platform to deliver improved outcomes by extracting insights from disparate siloed systems, containing critical data on suppliers, manufacturing design and production, transportation and logistics between you and your customers, and, of course, your employees.

Manufacturing analytics with Actian Data Platform
Supplier and customer analytics with Actian

Supplier and customer analytics

As you look to invest in new production equipment, instrument your products and design systems to support digital twinning, just-in-time orders to your suppliers, operations on the factory floor, to the point of sale for your products, Actian can help you connect, combine, and comprehend the data necessary in real-time across edge, cloud, and legacy platforms.

Digital twinning

Accelerate product innovation and time to deploy, reduce maintenance cost, and optimize instrumentation and understanding of your factory floor and products with digital twins. Fully tap the potential of digital twinning with Actian Data Platform and Zen Edge Data Management, fusing front-end IoT systems with back-end ERP, engineering, and production systems.

Actian manufacturing solutions
Modernize manufacturing applications with Actian

Modernize manufacturing applications

Actian can provide you with a single modular data management platform across your mobile, IoT, and remote factory systems, inline analytics on legacy transactional systems, and extract and combine data from these new sources and disparate SCM, HCM, MES, and other ERP systems to perform analytics that generate new insights across your enterprise.

Predictive maintenance

With Actian, developers and product managers can focus on coding the business and operational logic at the edge and leverage Actian to collect and manage the right combinations of data across mobile and fixed wireless networks, support front-end data processing from legacy manufacturing systems and newly developed IoT sensor grids to deliver insights at the points of action on your factory floor.

Actian manufacturing predictive maintenance

Success stories are made
with Actian

"With the evolution of the Zen architecture, we can now deploy a small footprint/IoT-enabled database that can run in a serverless mode with just client libraries."

"From our first adoption to the present, of course, we have considered changing database several times, but when it came to an actual performance test, other powerful databases could not reach Actian Zen’s reading and writing speed at all."

Global printer manufacturer replaces Oracle Exadata with Actian Vector for counterfeit parts detection and preventative maintenance

Identify when components need servicing and proactively schedule maintenance calls. Eliminate off-market toner and printer cartridges by tracking usage and schedule delivery of refills and supplies.

“With Actian Vector, we’ve been able to extend our product analytics to actively query 2 years’ worth of data (18 billion records) daily.”

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