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Pioneering sustainability. Empowering diversity. Creating positive impact.

Actian Environmental Social Governance
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Data + sustainability

At Actian, we are pioneers in the data industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.

As we embrace Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, we are dedicated to establishing a new standard of responsibility and commitment. Our journey is centered on shaping a better future for all, where responsible practices drive positive change. Join us as we forge ahead, combining innovation with ESG principles to create a more sustainable and inclusive world.

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Our ESG focus areas

Preserving the planet for future generations

We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint through our products and operations.

Our innovative solutions are being designed to process data efficiently while reducing carbon impact. Moreover, we are committed to fostering a culture that values environmental stewardship and encourages our employees to contribute to a greener future.

Green innovation

We are actively reducing our carbon footprint through energy-efficient practices and investing in renewable energy sources.

We’re developing eco-friendly solutions that empower our clients to reduce their environmental impact.

Actian ESG

Empowering communities and supporting equality

We deeply value diversity and inclusion as foundational principles of our organization.

By embracing our unique differences, we foster a culture that encourages collaboration, ignites innovation, and celebrates diverse perspectives. We value the well-being of our employees and provide comprehensive benefits, wellness programs, and optimal working conditions.

Ethical standards

Actian values diversity and inclusion in our workforce, fostering an environment where all employees can thrive regardless of their background.

Community engagement

We actively engage with local communities, supporting education, social causes, and charitable organizations that align with our values.

Ethical supply chain

Actian ensures a responsible supply chain, promoting fair labor practices and ethical sourcing.

Actian ESG Social

Transparency, integrity, and accountability

We are committed to upholding strong corporate governance principles that foster long-term value creation. We prioritize transparency, accountability, and ethical practices in our decision-making processes.

Diversity and inclusion

Actian maintains a strong commitment to transparent corporate governance, with a board of directors that holds the highest ethical standards.

Data privacy

We prioritize data privacy and security to protect our customers and partners, complying with all relevant regulations.

Code of conduct

Our employees adhere to a strict code of conduct that guides ethical decision-making and business practices.

Actian ESG

Our partners network: Amplifying impact. Adapting regulations.

In our journey toward sustainability and responsibility, we are not alone. Actian is proud to collaborate with leading global corporations, who are at the forefront of integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into their operations.

Lufthansa Systems ESG Partner with Actian

Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa is charting a course toward a more sustainable future, enhancing supply chain transparency and reducing environmental impact as part of their commitment to global sustainability goals.

Bosch ESG Partner with Actian


Bosch is driving sustainable innovations, aligning its supply chain management with rigorous standards to ensure sustainable practices are at the forefront of their operations.

Siemens Energy ESG Partner with Actian

Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy is pioneering greener energy solutions, diligently managing its supply chain activities to set industry benchmarks for environmental and social governance.

HCL Tech ESG Partner with Actian

HCL Technologies

Actian operates under the umbrella of HCL Technologies, a global leader committed to environmental stewardship. HCL Technologies’ pledge to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, as part of the Climate Pledge signed in FY2022, exemplifies this commitment.

Actian ESG crops for tomorrow

Enhancing the crops of tomorrow

Actian embarked on a unique research and project venture in Hiroshima, utilizing a volunteer-driven prototype to harness our advanced technology in enhancing soil moisture and irrigation efficiency. This endeavor was not just about improving crop health but was fundamentally aimed at tackling the critical issue of water scarcity through judicious water utilization.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is at the core of this initiative, demonstrating our dedication to fostering sustainable farming practices through innovative, data-driven approaches.

Combining innovation with ESG

Our dedication to ESG principles goes beyond our organization; it’s about the positive impact we make in the world. Actian’s solutions enable our customers to optimize their operations, reduce waste, and make informed decisions that contribute to a sustainable future.

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