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Hybrid and

Quickly deploy and manage data across multiple clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and on-premises.

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Unified Data Management

Integrate, transform, orchestrate, and store your data in a single, easy-to-use platform.

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Grow your business without having to choose between speed and savings.

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Journey to the cloud in data analytics

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Get insights from 450 analytics, technical and business professionals to unlock more value from your data.

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Data management on your terms


Any Data

Create business results faster with secure integration of data from any source


Flexible Deployment

Eliminate vendor lock-in with hybrid and multi-cloud options

Ease of use

Ease of Use

Remove IT bottlenecks and provide self-service data analytics and Business Intelligence across your organization

The Secret Ingredient
that Powers Business Success

Featured Use Cases

Deliver Personalized, Consistent Customer Experiences

Customer 360 allows organizations to aggregate and unify customer interaction touch points. Grow revenue and improve customer experience by bringing together data from enterprise systems, third-party data sources, and SaaS applications. Better understand your customer journey and customize your engagements to maximize lifetime customer value.

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Real-Time Insights

Business agility comes from real-time responsiveness.  You can’t respond in real-time if there is a delay in data access. The Actian Data platform provides REAL, real-time analytics by taking full advantage of the CPU, RAM, and disk to store, compress, and access data with unmatched performance.

The Actian Data Platform transforms business by simplifying how people connect, manage, and analyze data, improving the time-to-value for your data.

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Believe in your Data Again

Data management and modern data warehousing play a key role in mitigating risk, protecting data, and ensuring data quality and regulatory compliance.

Provide Trusted Data Profile, transform, and store your data to ensure you’re accessing complete and consistent data.

Stay Compliant Not all data is ready for the cloud. The Actian Data platform is a true hybrid cloud platform, which means you can still gain valuable data insights regardless of where your data resides.

REAL, Real time Data Capture and understand critical events in REAL, real-time with sub-second analytics that scale with your data.

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Reclaim Efficiency in Claims Processing

The Actian Data platform provides advanced, real-time analytics that allows for fast, accurate processing of claims and transactions. The platform’s integrated technology works across the entire claims/transaction processing chain, from capture to payment.

Accelerate claims processing and significantly reduce unwanted expenses by improving operational efficiency and reducing human error.

Claims for Healthcare The AA Case Study

Detect Anomalies Before they Impact your Business

Customers from all segments such as Banking, Insurance and Asset Management rely on the Actian Data Platform to analyze risk positions, identify fraud, meet compliance requirements, reduce data onboarding time, improve time to value, and enhance revenue recognition.

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Move Towards Better BI

BI tools frequently address important, but usually straightforward queries. A lot of businesses depend on BI technology to provide insights into data types like inventory, customer count, or basic trends using a small number of data sources. With the Actian Data platform, you can integrate more data sources and decrease the amount of data preparation needed to analyze and visualize complex data in BI reports and dashboards.

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Make Data Easy

Empower your users to access data and perform queries using familiar tools and languages

The Actian Data Platform works with all your analytical applications to support the needs of users with a wide range of technical skills. Business analysts, data experts, and business users can use their tools of choice to access and query data without sacrificing performance.


How Do App Developers Build for the Future?

Learn how thousands of forward-thinking businesses solve their toughest data challenges

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Let Your Data Live Where It Belongs

Blazing Fast Performance with Industry-Leading Concurrency

Vector Processing

Operates on hundreds of tuples of data by exploiting SIMD support in x86 CPUs

High Concurrency

Built for high volume of concurrent users, allowing up to 64 concurrent users out-of-the-box

CPU Cache Maximization

Uses private CPU core and caches as execution memory – 100x faster than RAM

Advanced Columnar Storage

Implements compression by data type, leading to 4-6x improved compression and reduced data footprint

MPP Architecture

Scale out to hundreds of nodes and petabytes of data

Separation of Compute and Storage

Pay only for what you use

per hour
  • 24/7 Gold Support
  • Elastic Compute
  • Customer Dedicated Data Warehouses
  • Vectorized Data Warehouse Engine
  • No-Code Data Integration
  • No-Code JSON Data Loading
  • Desktop Data Loader
  • Enterprise Grade Encryption
  • Federated Identity (SSO)
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Local Failover/Failback
  • SLA 99.5
Enterprise +
per hour
Enterprise + Features Enterprise Functionality PLUS:

  • 24/7 Platinum Support
  • High Performance Nodes
  • Advanced Security / Key Management
  • Warehouse Workload Management
  • Parallelized Data/ML Processing
  • PrivateLink Support for AWS
  • PrivateLink Support for Azure
  • Private Access Support for Google
  • Multi-Region Failover/Failback
  • Roll-Over AU Hours
  • SLA 99.9

* Actian Units (AU) are priced per hour of use. Storage priced separately.

Enterprise Reserved Pricing Available.

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