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Actian Live Product Demo – Fraud Analytics

Watch the Fastest Cloud Data Warehouse in Action.

Seeing is Believing.

In this edition of Actian Data Platform Weekly Live Demo, we demonstrate how Actian can be used to detect fraudulent activity with blazing speed and accuracy. We also show how easily you can set up an Actian cluster, quickly move data into Actian with pre-built integration templates, and easily run queries using the SQL text editor.

The Actian Data Platform is the best-in-class, hybrid cloud data warehouse that can help enterprises realize immediate cost savings because its meter runs much slower.

The Actian Data Platform demo experience includes:

  • Healthcare fraud analytics use case.
  • Simplified, intuitive user interface in action.
  • Easily loading data via pre-built integration templates.
  • Running complex queries using SQL text editor.
  • Overview of Actian Data Platform’s innovative architecture.

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