Actian Data Platform

Don’t settle for just a data warehouse

Simplify and scale with a single, unified data platform with native data integration, quality, and transformation. Plus a price-performant data warehouse and query engine built for real-time analytics — all in one place.

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    Build a robust data warehouse in about a minute

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    Load data from any source, even on-prem, using pre-built connectors and APIs

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    Define data quality and transformation rules for analysis-ready data

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    Start querying your data to generate reports and visualizations

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    Easily connect to your favorite BI tool for advanced analytics

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    Ranked Exemplary in Ventana’s 2024 Data Platforms Buyers Guide

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Trusted by 24 of the Fortune 100
Actian Data Platform dashboard

Cut warehouse costs and eliminate the need for ELT

Actian Data Platform separates storage from compute, maintaining optimal performance without unnecessary costs. And with a host of native data management tools, you can say goodbye to siloed, expensive point solutions.

Easy-to-use for solo developers and large teams alike

Your database admins, data engineers, and data analysts can finally join forces to simplify data operations, improve collaboration, and unlock real business value fast.

Actian Data Platform is easy to use for a team of any size

We have saved a huge amount – nearly 150 hours a month that was previously spent on manual data efforts. We can now spend that time using the data to move the business forward.

Joe Jones

Aeriz, CIO

We had been a bit concerned about how long it would take to get to up and running on the Actian Data Platform, but it pretty much worked right out of the box. The migration was completely invisible to our end users, and that was exactly what we hoped.

Andrew White

PredictX, EVP of SE

Raw data to insights in
one platform

Actian Data Platform offers easy integration with quality

Save engineering time and resources

Data Engineers can automate data pipelines with 200+ pre-built connectors and APIs. Plus rapidly identify and act on data quality and transformation issues.

Actian Data Platform warehouse usage

Centralize siloed data, even on-prem

Database and Warehouse Admins can create a high performance data warehouse optimized for storage and compute with a built-in query engine backed by the TPC-H benchmark.

Actian Data Platform application analytics

Accelerate reporting, analytics, BI

Data Analysts can perform analytics on the freshest data with native visualizations and easy, in-app connections to leading BI tools.

4x less expensive and 3x faster than Snowflake

16 x

Price Performance

16x less expensive than BigQuery and 4x less expensive than Snowflake.

9 x

Overall Speed

9x faster than BigQuery and 3x faster than Snowflake.

Recommended by Analysts

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Actian Data Platform named Exemplary in Ventana’s 2024 Data Platforms Buyers Guide.

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Actian Data Platform named Contender in The Forrester Wave™ Cloud Data Warehouses 2023.

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TPC-H Leader

GigaOm benchmark highlights price performance advantage of the Actian Data Platform.

Free Trial FAQ’s

The Actian Data Platform is a fully managed service that ensures the highest levels of security including private network isolation, disk and columnar encryption, robust access controls, and 24×7 monitoring. More information on our security policies can be found here.

The Actian Data Platform makes data easy! We want to change the way you can connect, manage, and analyze your data. By providing a unified platform that is trusted, flexible, and easy to use you can move from data to decision faster. Learn more by visiting the Actian Data Platform webpage.

Sign up by filling out the form on the Actian website. No credit card is required.

Here are a few pro tips to help you get the most out of your Actian Data Platform trial.

Tip 1: To maximize your time testing Actian, we recommend that you use the smallest warehouse size necessary. The lower the warehouse size (2AU vs. 4AU), the fewer AU’s will be consumed will help you make the most of your $500 credits.

Tip 2: If you loaded data into the warehouse, stop the warehouse to conserve your compute costs. The Actian platform will automatically stop after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Once your free trial ends, please contact Actian to convert your account to a paid subscription. You can easily reach us using out contact form: