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Enterprise data management solutions that help financial services organizations improve decision making and automation across disparate apps, data and channels.

Actian Financial Services Solutions

Financial services industry solutions

Financial services organizations are locked in a digital transformation arms race, moving their infrastructure and applications to the cloud.  Separation of the winners from the losers will hinge on how well organizations can move their analytics to the cloud and edge in support of key initiatives, including customer 360, integrated channel delivery and management, fraud detection, and risk analysis and management.

Risk analysis and management

Determine if a loan or credit line should be approved or if an investment portfolio is optimized based on complete data at the speed your business requires. Fully harness AI/ML with real-time connected data warehousing of data from disparate customer, business partner and even governmental sources to fully optimize growth, profitability and business risk.

Actian risk analysis management
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Fraud detection and prevention

Turn your fraud detection and prevention into a modern adaptive to by giving its core AI/ML the right data for training and query. Rapidly extend the inputs to new data sources from Mobile, IoT, and 3rd party sources with a connected real-time cloud data warehouse with Edge-to-Cloud data retrieval and analysis capabilities.

Customer 360

Incorporate income, assets, area code, and other micro-demographic segmentation, along with an individual’s transactional records, where and how they interact with your financial services organization define and personalize the relationship with customers. With Actian’s real-time connected data warehouse, you can collect, aggregate, query, and analyze disparate data that represent customer profiles.

Actian Customer 360
Modernize financial services applications with Actian

Modernize financial services applications

Transform your legacy applications and data architectures into secure intelligent applications on modern cloud-based platforms. Increase ROI and leverage cloud, AI, mobile and IoT.

Next-generation mobile banking and wealth management

As buying and investment power shifts from the Baby Boomers to Millennials to GenZ, the whole concept of services personalization and the expectation of it being 24×7 has shifted entirely to automated branches and mobile platforms. Actian can help you manage the data and analysis that defines your customer relationship across all edge devices: branch or call center agent, kiosk/ATM, or any mobile device.

Next-generation mobile banking data analytics with Actian
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Global financial and risk solutions provider uses Actian Vector for real-time risk management support

Deliver critical news, information and analytics to the global financial community – enabling transactions and connecting communities of trading, investing, financial and corporate professionals.

“Actian enabled us to meet our 20 msec response time requirements for our data and trading applications, enabling us to better serve our global financial community”

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