Data Integration & Quality

Swiftly move from data to insights with confidence

It’s time to start trusting your data. Take advantage of integration as a service that makes data integration, data quality, and data preparation easier than ever. 

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Empower your decisions with high-quality, integrated data

Eliminate data silos and bring order to chaos by seamlessly integrating data from all data sources while ensuring its accuracy, timeliness, and integrity to deliver data insights you can trust. Benefit from the convenience of a user-friendly platform that effortlessly connects, transforms, and manages your data.

Discover how Actian makes data easy.

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Easily connect data from any source to support every use case.

Unify and transform data pipelines and integration


Ensure data quality and data standardization across your organization.

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Reduce manual efforts with predictable, orchestrated pipelines.

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Fully harness the power of your data

Find out how to improve business outcomes with the Actian Data Platform

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Fuel success with the power of integrated data and applications

Designed with the freedom to address any integration need, any skill level, and any data or application environment.

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Integrate anything

Actian’s technology is a flexible, intelligent agent framework that enables connecting to virtually any data source, format, or location using any protocol.

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Flexible deployment

Microservices architecture allows deployment in private single-tenant clouds, public multi-tenant clouds, or on-premises environments.

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Reliable automation

Orchestrate data pipelines across your organization and accelerate time to insights for your analytics projects.

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Multiple design options

Integration development to satisfy the needs of technical and business users with codeless, low-code, or pro-code integration design capabilities.

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Centralized management

Actian provides an intuitive, web-based console for deploying, configuring, monitoring, and managing integrations across the enterprise.

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Real-time integration support

Agile and composable integrations with real-time access via API by default.

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"Actian is a critical part of our infrastructure. Without it, we couldn’t do the processing and automation needed for our banking operations."