B2B Integration Software

Fully-Managed B2B Integration as a Service


Universal Connectivity

Integrate with any trading partner regardless of data requirements or back office systems using just one connection to the Actian Business Xchange.



Quickly add trading partners and comply with requests using our Managed Service. Actian takes care of the onboarding, mapping, translation, and support.


Enterprise Reliability

Fully managed, elastic, configurable and scalable cloud-based B2B integration platform to seamlessly connect you with your trading partners.

What is Business Xchange?

Actian Business Xchange is a fully-managed B2B integration service that enables trading partners to exchange electronic procurement and supply chain documents regardless of format or enterprise system. Business Xchange helps trading partners reduce costs, inefficiencies and friction in their electronic trading relationships.

Business Xchange Manages
the Entire B2B Integration Lifecycle

From requirements gathering, onboarding, change management, mapping, translation, testing, deployment and the ongoing support and hygiene of your B2B integrations…Actian Business Xchange manages it all.

Design, Connect, Configure


Connect to anything, anywhere



Enjoy enterprise reliability at a low cost

Manage and Maintain


Gain transaction visibility and KPI management


“We are very excited about how Actian Business Xchange has streamlined our internal business processes. The very skilled oil and gas services team has smoothed out our onboarding process so much that we have been able to rapidly onboard several more trading partners, allowing us to receive payments faster and better optimize our cash flow.”

Doug Hudson, Senior Project Leader, General Electric Oil & Gas


“Over the past several years, Microsoft has worked with Actian across many technologies and initiatives. We are excited to extend these opportunities as Actian builds on its culture of innovation by adopting powerful new technologies including the Windows Azure platform. We welcome Actian BXManager to the fast-growing array of Windows Azure platform-hosted solutions.”

Prashant Ketkar, Senior Director Product Marketing, Windows Azure

Use Cases

Business Xchange helps both buyers and suppliers reduce inefficiencies and automate error-prone processes that improve the trading partnership.


  • Speed up your AP automation process through electronic B2B document exchange
  • Reduce unnecessary costs within the AP process, including rework, validation and error processing
  • Easily share information with your Suppliers using a communication layer
  • Improve relationships with your Supplier through better alignment of DPO and actual terms agreed
  • Improve efficiencies and free up your AP and IT resources

Chief Financial Officer

Reduce Days Payables Outstanding (DPO)
Align Supplier payments with agreed terms
Accurately plan monthly cash flows and working capital needs
Reduce the cost base for finance and AP teams
Mitigate against Forex risks

AP Manager

Reduce or eliminate costs within the AP process
Significantly improve Supplier relations
Reduce the amount of time that teams spend on unnecessary Supplier communication updates
Realize significant cost savings and improve AP team efficiencies

IT Manager

Reduce the overall cost and need for internally housed and maintained B2B systems
Automate the integration, data transmission, and data validation parts of AP processes
Allocate IT resources to strategic initiatives rather than complex integration projects
Complete onboarding up to 80% faster


  • Significantly reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by speeding up the Orders to Cash cycle and automating the invoice sending process
  • Improve Accounts Receivable (AR) processes, including rework, validation and error processing, using our 25 years of experience in AR automation
  • Improve the cash flow management with no late or rejected invoice surprises
  • Reduce the customer onboarding process by as much as 80%


Improve DSO by reducing errors and the time it takes Buyers to process invoices
Accurately plan monthly cash flows
Reduce the cost base for finance and AR teams
Reduce exposure to Forex risks
Avoid the risk of cash flow shortages when quarterly sales tax returns are due

AR Manager

Reduce invoice lag time
Meet the DSO targets set by the CFO
Increase productivity by improving process efficiencies
Reduce costs and improve payment time
Spend more time on strategic finance initiatives

IT Manager

Complete customer on-boarding by up to 80% faster to enjoy significant cost savings
Leverage Actian’s onboarding experts to implement and manage your B2B trading partner network
Enjoy gains in staff efficiency
Benefit from an increase in uptime reliability
Avoid complicatred connection protocols or languages to implement and maintain


  • Acclerate onboarding of trading parners to your portal network to expand and grow your network
  • Connect to trading partners of all sizes and levels of IT sophistication – offer all types and formats of integration capability to your clients
  • Focus on business processes and delivery to your clients– not B2B integration and varying formats
  • Reduce onboarding costs and maximize staff efficiency
  • Inrease revenue by expanding your network, project success and reducing client implementation costs
  • Enjoy direct integration to all trading partners, even the ones that are hard to integrate with or that do not match the Portal’s qualification criteria for direct integration


Increase market penetration and associated revenues
Broaden the Portal’s connection potential to include many more SMBs
Improve margins and reduce cost per transaction

IT Manager

Complete integrations more accurately and at a significantly reduced cost
Avoid delayed or postponed client engagements
Focus on strategic business processes rather than complex integration projects
Reduce IT costs and improve margins

Portal Sales Manager

Increase the likelihood of generating new and repeat business
Confidently move on to the next opportunity with faster onboarding and quick integration completion
Engage with many more potential clients, including SMBs

Here are some examples
of what our customers achieved



of Docs

Processed Electronically



of Invoices

Processed Correctly the First Time

Invoice Value


Invoice Value

Processed in the
First 6 Months

80_ Reduction



In Error
Resolution Time

50_ Reduction



In Invoice
Processing Costs

30_ Reduction



In Past Due
Receivables Balance

Increase Cash Flow and Business Efficiencies

Reduce Costs and Errors

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