Actian X

High-performance Actian X transactional database

Ingres database transactions with X100 operational analytics.

Actian X database and vector analytics database

What is Actian X?

Actian X is a hybrid transactional/analytics processing database with record-breaking performance. Its architecture supports both row-based and columnar storage formats using Ingres, an ultra-reliable enterprise transactional database, and Vector’s X100 analytics engine. This combination allows organizations to perform transaction processing and operational analytics easily and efficiently within a single database. 

Use cases

Discover how business users can access the latest data for fast analytics across your data centers and clouds. Realize superior performance as you run complex queries against billions of records on commodity hardware in seconds.

Deliver operational analytics

Actian X creates the perfect platform for adding operational analytics to your transactional processing system. For example, an online shopping application could deliver a new set of data (browsing activity) that is combined with a customer’s historical data and analyzed in real-time to optimize the offer presented to the customer.

  • Expand application capabilities.
  • Add clickstream data to historical customer information.
  • Identify targeted add-ons, cross sell, and upsell opportunities.

Actian X enables operational analytics on a per transaction basis.

Actian X delivering operational analytics

Keep business critical systems healthy

The Enterprise Monitoring Appliance (EMA) for Actian X uses pre-configured plug-ins to keep track of the health of the database and host system. EMA can monitor and set alerts for key system functions like disk usage and I/O performance, transaction and error log files, network latency and many more.

  • Monitor key database and host system health indicators.
  • Deliver alerts at pre-defined thresholds.
  • Solve potential problems before they affect performance.
  • Use historical and trending information to schedule maintenance.

Enterprise Monitoring Appliance (EMA) keeps key systems available and reliable.

Actian X EMA and vector analytics database

Success stories are made
with Actian

"It’s very reassuring to know that our solution, which keeps airplanes and passengers safe, is backed up by a database that has for so many years been playing in the ‘premier league'."

Actian X Connectivity

Actian X connectivity

Benefit from multi-database support without host specific syntax or datatypes. Enterprise Access allows a single application to run against multiple databases without needing to know or use host specific syntax or datatypes. The Enterprise Access server implements an interface similar in appearance and behavior to each supported database. Enterprise Access is a connectivity option that allows Actian X applications to run against non-Ingres databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Database support: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 UDB
OS support: Windows, Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, Linux

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