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Simplify and Accelerate Customer360
Analytics ROI with Actian

Unleash Your Data.

Do you have siloed departments, leveraging different applications and their associated data to drive your customer experience? Improving revenue and delighting your customers requires a unified view of all of your customer data.

Avalanche™ combines one of the industry’s fastest hybrid-cloud data warehouses with self-service data integration in the cloud, to create better customer insights. With an easy, drag-and-drop interface, Avalanche empowers anyone in the organization – from data scientists to citizen integrators – to easily combine, clean, and analyze customer data from any source, in any location.

Customer360 Solution Overview


Our business users can now analyze all our markdowns, and with a much finer granularity. They can drill down and gain insights into sales and marketing performance that weren’t available before.”

Jean-Francois Rompais, Head of IT Architecture, Kiabi

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Three ways Actian Avalanche™ Cloud Data Warehouse Simplifies the Customer 360 Journey 


Aggregate and Act on Customer Data on Day One

Actian Avalanche’s™ build-in AvalancheConnect self-service data integration enables organizations to immediately begin assembling their customer data with no coding or external tools. With connections to thousands of applications, drag and drop CRM, ERP, marketing automation, and social channel data sources in minutes. 

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Gain Real-time Customer Insights Across Silos

Gain advantage from Actian Avalache™ and sub-second customer insight with the industry’s fastest cloud data warehouse to create compelling customer experiences, identify new customer and revenue opportunities building loyal customers for life. 

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Increase Revenue
and Customer Value

Actian Avalanche™ puts organizations in control of their customer data, reducing the need for specialized expertise by making it easy to use the BI tools companies already rely on.  Increasing revenue while reducing vendor lock-in from CRM and gaining deployment flexibility across multi-cloud or hybrid environments. 

Better insights at every stage of your customer’s journey with Customer360 Real-time Analytics

C360 RTA Cust Lifecycle Diagram

A true 360-degree view of a customer can’t be sourced exclusively from internal data let alone from a single system or department. Organizations trying to correlate customer interactions, transaction history, and behaviors to improve customer acquisition ROI and retention struggle to aggregate and analyze data and signals across operational, social engagement, customer experience, and outreach systems to provide real-time customer insights.

With Actian Avalanche™ hybrid-cloud data warehouse and integration platform, organizations can apply real-time analytics and leverage drag-n-drop integration to rapidly aggregate customer profiles, personalize the customer experience through micro-segmentation, next best action, and market basket analysis. Improving customer acquisition and retention through campaign optimization and churn analysis to increase customer loyalty.  


B2B Campaign Optimization, Payments Use Case

Payments are an increasingly critical part of your customer’s contextual experience.  With Actian you can understand how to leverage payment options and ease of use to adjust your business process – including campaign optimization.


Analyze Customer Profiles to Anticipate and Act

Customer contextual experience is more crtiical than ever to every aspect of revenue maximization, customer loyalty, and brand strength.  Build a complete customer profile by incorporating data from any and all customer touchpoints.

Micro Segmentation creates a demographic of one

Getting the most from your customer analytics requires segmentation, dividing your target market into subsets enables you to implement more effective strategies. Customer360 requires you take segmentation to the next level to understand and personalize your relationship down to each customers preferences and contextual experience  to increase conversions and drive revenue.


Churn Analytics deliver higher customer retention and brand loyalty

Lightning fast analytics that leverage all of your data, help you identify churn triggers and events, increase the accuracy of your churn predictions, intercept your high value customers with a promising retention offer, and let your unprofitable customers move on to a competitor.

Market Basket Analysis delivers higher revenues

Profiling and segmenting your customer base and prospects is only part of the way to profitability.  In a digital world, leveraging customer profiles and prior experience must be harvested in real-time against what you have to offer and providing the most accurate prediction of what the customer wants at that particular moment in time.  With Market Basket Analysis you can deliver the right offer and increase the likelihood of purchase.


Next Best Action yields more from your customer’s experience

The buying cycle has changed, how we measure loyalty to a brand, product or service has changed.  Understanding the full cusotmer lifecycle is only part of the issue, getting the right insights as to which actions to take: nurture a relationship further, make a discounted offer, offer more benefits in a loyalty program, or whatever is needed to move the customer through the lifecycle with a positive outcome.

Campaign Optimization higher ROI than ever before

The right campaign at the right time can be a major boost to your bottom line, but when your target or content is off, you’re wasting marketing dollars. The ability to build test deploy and assess campaigns quickly is key to maximizing campaign revenue.