Boost Your Customer Data Analytics

Your customers are unique. Data makes sure they get what they want.

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Looker and Actian take customer analytics to the next level

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Unleash the data insights
you need to grow your business.


Unify Your Data

Get an accurate, real-time view of your customers. Bring together siloed data from any source to create a single, reliable, real-time view of your customers.

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Automate Integration

Automate and integrate your data with clicks instead of code. Easily collect, cleanse, and deliver accurate data to accelerate your customer analytics.

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Increase Value

With drag and drop integration, you can get customer insights on the fastest time-to-value. Our query designer makes it simple to get to the data you need.

How We Help

Identifying, acquiring, and retaining customers is like a game of chess. You always need to be thinking 10 steps ahead. Earning and retaining customers requires trust – Actian provides the data you need to build it.

Create a Single View of your Customer

Integrate your customer data in real time from any source, such as CRM, CDP, and eCommerce for a richer picture of customer activity.

Unlock Data from Internal and External Sources

Merge and analyze first-party and third-party data to deliver more meaningful insights about customer behaviors and buying patterns.

Provide Data Access for All

To improve business outcomes, data must be accessible to everyone. Now you can expose your customer data to anyone in the organization and provide self-service access through any visualization tool.

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Improve 1:1 Personalization and Engagement

Provide your customers with personalized content and enhanced customer experiences by aggregating web, internal, support, and third-party data.

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

Unlock data from external sources to better understand buying behaviors and segment, target, and deliver the right message at the right time.

A Holistic View of Campaign Performance

Merge data from your MarTech stack, such as CRM, marketing automation, and demand systems, and ensure that all systems are leveraging the same data.

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Expand Revenue Opportunities

Actian Data Platform works with all your analytical applications to support the needs of users with a wide range of technical skills. Each persona, including business analysts, data scientists and data engineers, can interact with Actian Data Platform using familiar tools and languages that your organization has already invested in. Hundreds of users can access the dataset and perform their own ad hoc queries at the same time without experiencing performance degradation.

Reduce and Prevent Churn

Bring together the data you need to understand your customer journey. Build our customer and prospect maps in your favorite visualization tools.

Turn Customers in Advocates

Use data to create customer loyalty programs that reward your customers and turn them into advocates to expand revenue opportunity.

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Learn More About the Customer
Data Analytics Hub Use Cases

Two-Minute Feature Tours


Customer Data Analytics Hub

Learn how you can get a broader view of your customer behavior and activities that can drive your business growth.

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Audience Segmentation

Discover how to improve your marketing KPIs by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.


Unified Customer Profiles

Discover how your can keep everyone in the organization on the same page when it comes to your customers.

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