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Retail data management solutions that help you attract, retain, and satisfy multi-segmented customer bases through omni-channel delivery.

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Your relationship with your customers is everything and, in markets with multi-, micro-segmented demographics, changing competition and shopping behaviors, the data that describes your customers, products, and relationship between them defines your opportunity for blockbuster success or to be the next Blockbuster. Your ability to collect, aggregate, and analyze data – in real-time – from your suppliers, call centers, and digital and physical retail channels on what to offer, at what price, when and what to cross-sell and up-sell, or configure support services for, is essential to your profitability.

Dynamic pricing

Change pricing into a competitive weapon. As your customers shop across physical and digital channels offer real-time custom pricing based on multiple factors such as posted competitor pricing, seasonal demand, inventory, and margin changes. Actian Data Platform allows you to understand your offer history, competitor pricing, purchase demographics, and a host of other factors.

Retail dynamic pricing with Actian solutions
Actian Customer 360

Customer 360

Incorporate gender, age, income, assets, area code, and other micro-demographic segmentation, along with an individual’s transactional records, where and how they purchase, and how many touchpoints were necessary to define and personalize offers. With Actian Data Platform, you can collect, aggregate, query, and analyze disparate data that represent customer profiles.

Real-time offers

Improve profitability and avoid problems such as excess inventory. Extend personalization to real-time offer adjustments based on edge data from RF-ID tagged merchandise, click-stream and shopping cart analysis, and word cloud analysis of customer reviews. With Actian Data Platform and edge data management, real-time offers can fuse disparate sets of data and applications from Edge-to-Cloud.

Reat time pricing for retailers
Retail solutions from Actian

Monitor and manage customers to and from physical to digital

As consumer shopping shifts from the Boomers to Millennials and younger, up your services personalization to 24×7, seamlessly integrating online and mobile platforms with physical retail locations. Actian can help you manage the data and analysis that defines your customer relationship across all edge devices: retail branch or call center agent, at-home online shopping, or any mobile device within a physical retail setting.

Kate Spade

Giant fashion retailer Kate Spade scaled their e-commerce website by 80x, allowing them to take over 4000 orders per hour.

Actian Retail Solutions with Kate Spade