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Real-time analytics improves video campaigns

Unruly Media performs benchmarks across 2.7 million data points for fast, decisive actions in targeted campaigns.

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About Unruly Media

Unruly Media helps the world’s biggest advertisers engage global audiences by harnessing the power of its data-powered video marketplace, UnrulyX, on brand-safe, premium sites. Acquired by News Corp in 2015, Unruly has delivered, tracked and audited more than 3.5 billion video views across more than 3,000 social video campaigns — for more than 400 agencies and brands, including Volkswagen, Dove, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Warner Bros and Adidas.

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Deliver actionable, real-time insights to clients they can use to make decisions about expanding the social footprint of their critical video campaigns.

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Unruly Media delivers the insights clients need using the Actian Data Platform™ and the Actian Vector Analytics Database.

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Provide clients with a complete cloud-based solution for on-demand competitive benchmarks across 2.7 million customizable data points.

Anyone can generate video these days. But making the most of it? To drive a video campaign, you need insight — Where’s it running it? Who’s viewing it? Who’s tagged it? Who’s sharing it? And to expand the social footprint, you need these insights in real time — not days or weeks from now.

That’s where Unruly Media shines. The London-based advertising technology firm works with major brands to predict the emotional impact of videos and promote viewership and sharing across paid, owned, and earned media. To date, Unruly estimates that it has worked on more than 3,000 video campaigns for some 400 clients, and delivered, tracked, and audited more than 3.5 billion video views.

How does Unruly Media tame this unruly stream of real-time data and enable clients to make use of it? With the Actian Data Platform™ and the Actian Vector Analytics Database.

Empowering Decisive Action

The Actian Data Platform and the Actian Vector Analytics Database drive Unruly Media’s client-facing big data and interactive reporting services. They help empower brand and campaign managers to take fast and decisive action in the service of their video campaigns.

Launched as part of the Social Video+ program at Unruly Media, the Actian Vector database extends the company’s proprietary platform and enables support for real-time queries and analytics — without demanding costly hardware upgrades. Actian Vector accelerates data collection and trend analysis — into consumer behaviors such as number of video views, comments, and shares — helping Unruly Media can optimize client campaigns against key performance indicators in real time.

“The ability of Actian Vector to achieve this level of performance without complex hardware scaling is a key advantage,” says Matt Cooke, CTO and co-founder of Unruly Media. “There was no comparable solution that could achieve the data analytics speed and performance we can now offer with Vector.”

Dan Best, the Planning Director at Unruly Media, goes on to say that it used to take more than seven minutes to compile the queries required to pull key benchmark data from the systems used in different vertical industries — but no longer. “Vector enables real-time optimization to ensure that brands using Unruly’s platform are outperforming competitors in the social video space. The benefits of this approach were evident as the big brands battled for share of voice during the run-up to the Olympics a few years ago.”

Delivering Insight On-Demand

Today, Unruly Media provides its clients with a complete cloud-based solution for on-demand competitive benchmarks across 2.7 million customizable data points. The real-time reporting features built into the Actian Data Platform are central to this offering, and are integrated into a growing number of the Unruly Media’s custom apps. Clients relying on these custom apps can gain up-to-the-minute insights into the performance of their video campaigns.

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"Actian and our BI tools integrate seamlessly and deliver real-time insights with great speed and performance. We’re able to make informed, risk-balanced decisions very quickly."

"Actian is a critical part of our infrastructure. Without it, we couldn’t do the processing and automation needed for our banking operations."

"We have been able to save a huge amount of time spent pulling data and manually reconciling data when we find errors or discrepancies. We are now able to actually spend time analyzing areas to move the business forward."