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Educating and Empowering Customers: Actian’s Tools for Success

Pamela Fowler

September 30, 2022

Virtual computer and graduation cap representing Actian Academy

Whether you are a long-term user, new to Actian’s products and just learning the systems, or somewhere in-between, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

At Actian, we are committed to partnering with our customers to offer them the best possible learning and user experience. We place a strong emphasis on serving our customers’ unique needs and making frequent and meaningful touch points along the user journey to position them for success when using our products.

As Actian’s SVP of Customer Success, I oversee our customer-facing roles, including global support operations, professional services, technical education, customer success management, and more. As part of the Customer Success team’s commitment to customer education and positive user experience, we have developed step-by-step educational resources for white glove support in a self-service model. We have also taken all customer feedback received and incorporated it into our educational resources and products for a customer-centric approach to improve our educational offerings.

In this post, I will discuss the tools and resources I am most passionate about and proud to offer to Actian’s customers.

Creating a Valuable Educational Resource

About two years ago, we decided to provide a new educational resource hub for customers, called Actian Academy. We created Actian Academy to enhance customers’ experiences with our products and streamline the learning process during onboarding and implementation. The goal was to develop a platform that offered courses and materials anytime, anywhere in a flexible self-service model, to help our customers succeed and feel equipped to understand our products and better use them on their own.

Actian Academy helped bridge a gap in our learning offerings, as our previous customer training options only included on-site training using PowerPoint. We wanted to offer a more modern experience for learning our technology that would allow users to easily access detailed information and course materials, which they can work through at their own pace through simple, easy-to-consume videos. As an added benefit, courses through Actian Academy provide the ability to obtain certificates for completed courses.

Encouraging Customer Feedback

In addition to providing easy access to educational resources for our users through Actian Academy, we also want to ensure any feedback they have while using our Academy is brought to our attention. Taking customer feedback to heart and adjusting the content based on their suggestions is crucial to the success of any business. That is why another top priority for our customer service teams is to carefully review, consider, and adjust the content according to customer feedback.

Companies looking to provide the best customer experience possible must listen to user feedback and incorporate their suggestions into constantly evolving the product learning content. Any concerns customers may have while accessing technical features should be brought to the attention of support teams. Taking that feedback and using it to create positive changes in services is one of the best ways to be successful and create great products. For example, when our users asked for closed captioning on our Actian Academy videos, we integrated this functionality in all our educational videos to improve the experience for our customers.

Our strong community of intelligent customers offer great suggestions that we incorporate into Actian Academy, but we also make a point to listen to customer feedback on product updates and enhancements. As we continue to provide educational resources and high-quality products for our users, we are always looking out for ideas and improvements from our valuable customers to ensure they are happy with their experience.

Visit Actian Academy

To make the most of your experience with Actian’s offerings, visit our Actian Academy learning portal, where you can find step-by-step guides to deepen your understanding in all of Actian’s solutions.

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About Pamela Fowler

Pamela Fowler is currently Vice President, Global Support and Managed Services managing the Global Enterprise Support Services delivery team at Actian Corporation. Pamela is responsible for the entire supporting infrastructure, strategic direction and tactical execution of the global support and managed services organizations. She controls all aspects of the global support and services delivery model, policies, procedures and infrastructure, and provides strategic leadership by representing the ‘voice of the customer’ to management across all functional areas within Actian.