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5 Ways to Optimize Behavior Analysis for CX

Becky Staker

February 28, 2023

depiction of client behaviors for customer experience

Customers are telling you what they want from your business. Are you listening? Do you even have the ability to listen so you can predict what they’ll do next? If not, it’s going to be very difficult to meet customer expectations by providing personalized and meaningful interactions.   

With the right platform and strategy, businesses can perform behavior analysis to ensure they’re providing the best customer experiences possible. This type of data analytics reveals insights about customers’ actions across websites, apps, social media, and other digital channels. The insights offer critical details about what customers like and dislike, what motivates their actions, and ways businesses can best engage with them to drive sales and loyalty.  

Unifying all customer data on a single connected cloud data platform for behavior analysis improves customer experiences in five specific ways: 

Learn and Understand Customers

Delivering the products, services, and experiences customers want is only possible when businesses understand everything about each customer, including what influences their behaviors, then meeting their most current needs. Behavior analytics plays an important role in learning about customers at an individual level and building 360-degree profiles to enable personalized experiences at scale.  

Have Awareness Across the Buyer Journey

Knowing where customers are in their journey allows businesses to determine the next best action, whether it’s providing information, a custom offer, a tailored message, or another type of interaction. Having a deep understanding of customer journeys can identify the most opportune time and entry points for engagement based on customer behavior analysis.  

Identify Ways to Nurture Customers 

Guiding customers throughout their buying journey is one way to encourage sales. Nurturing customers at every step of the journey requires data analysis to accurately predict what each customer will do next, then proactively engage them in a highly personalized manner. Integrated, easy-to-use customer data identifies the best ways to motivate customers to take specific actions.   

Build Customer Loyalty

Every brand aspires to build a fiercely loyal customer base. Behavior analytics uncovers insights at a granular level to reveal what customers actually want, allowing the business to craft offers that meet those wants and needs. Customer loyalty extends well beyond loyalty programs by evolving from learning customer behaviors to ultimately guiding their actions. This approach requires the ability to know not only where customers have been, but where they want to go.   

Retain Customers and Turn Them into Brand Advocates

Customers have high expectations and are accustomed to doing business on their terms. Keeping customers happy is an increasingly sophisticated challenge, prompting businesses to continually develop new products and services that customers want, deliver them the right way through the right channel, and make the experiences memorable. When this happens, it strengthens customer relationships, leading to customers for life and turning customers into brand advocates.  

Optimize Data Analytics to Know Customers Better

Behavior analysis is just one capability for businesses to know their customers better. This type of analytics is essential for industries like retail that rely on micro-segmentation and shopping behaviors to build a complete, real-time picture of products and customers.   

The Actian Data Platform easily connects, manages, and analyzes data. Businesses in any industry can benefit by using a single platform for data integration, transformation, and storage​ to reimagine customer experiences.  

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About Becky Staker

Becky Staker is Actian’s Vice President of Customer Experience, focused on improving customer experiences, impact and outcomes across the business. Her career intersects marketing, sales and customer relations, and leading CX for brands, SaaS startups and professional services firms. She has held leadership roles at Deloitte, EY, and Publicis Sapient.