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Actian offers cornerstone enterprise data integration and management solutions that help providers, payers, and healthcare technology and pharmaceutical organizations. Accelerate healthcare research, technology, service delivery, and payment transformation to an integrated, outcome-centric model.

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Healthcare solutions

Whether the focus is delivering value-based care and payments, or developing life changing new medicines and care delivery protocols, data is at the heart of the modern healthcare organization. The dramatic growth in healthcare data volumes, security vulnerabilities, and complexity poses significant challenges for organizations who must share data and make real-time decisions yet also contend with the unique data governance requirements of the healthcare industry.

Featured solution: healthcare billing fraud detection analytics with the Actian Data Platform

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Healthcare analytics

Turn the new mandates for healthcare data interoperability into improved outcomes for payers, providers, and healthcare technology and pharmaceutical organizations with the Actian Healthcare Data Analytics Hub, powered by Actian Data Platform, Actian DataConnect Enterprise Data Integration, and Actian Zen Edge Data Management.

Healthcare analytics with Actian
Data governance for healthcare with Actian

Data governance for healthcare

Arm your chief data officer and all relevant departmental analysts with transparent, timely, secure, and accurate data for regulatory compliance with CMS and other government regulations, including data from high-risk areas of vulnerability, such as mobile and IoT.

Care delivery provider, payer, and patient engagement

On-board and manage provider networks, individual and group policy plan engagements, patient interactions and offer products and services more intuitively, communicate more effectively, and engage more consistently with a 360-degree view across provider, payer, and patient touch points.

Medical provider data solutions with Actian
Modernize healthcare applications with Actian

Modernize healthcare applications

Transform your legacy applications and data architectures into intelligent applications on modern cloud-based platforms, to increase ROI and leverage cloud, AI, mobile and IoT.

Monitor and manage edge devices

Whether you manufacture or operate a fleet of MRI machines, medical sensors, or integrate systems and deliver services, you can leverage Actian to manage and gain insights from the data your devices and end-users generate at the edge.

Monitor and mange healthcare edge devices with Actian