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Efficient data processing leads to fast queries

Seyfor uses scalable data technologies to deliver transformative ERP solutions, IT infrastructure projects, and customized systems.

Seyfor Actian Customer Story

About Seyfor

Seyfor is one of Europe’s leading solutions providers. With over 1,700 employees in eight countries and serves customers in 38 countries worldwide. It has long been one of the fastest-growing IT companies in the region and is the largest manufacturer of accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), payroll, and HR systems in the Czech Republic.

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Seyfor and Actian have maintained a longstanding partnership, with Seyfor depending on Actian’s database product to drive its ERP solutions. This collaboration underscores Seyfor’s trust in Actian’s technology to deliver robust functionality and reliability to their clients.

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Actian provided Seyfor with dependable and scalable data solutions, empowering them to deliver reliable products to their customers. By leveraging Actian’s technology, Seyfor can efficiently manage data, enhancing its customer satisfaction.

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The optimization of data processing by Actian enables swift data queries, a vital requirement for the rapid and complex operations within the transportation, logistics, and freight sectors, ensuring the stability of Seyfor’s ERP systems in daily operations.

Success stories are made
with Actian

"Actian is a critical part of our infrastructure. Without it, we couldn’t do the processing and automation needed for our banking operations."

"We have been able to save a huge amount of time spent pulling data and manually reconciling data when we find errors or discrepancies. We are now able to actually spend time analyzing areas to move the business forward."