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Introducing Actian DataConnect 11

Actian Corporation

May 11, 2017

We are proud to introduce the latest release of Actian DataConnect. We listened to our customers and adopted a ‘back to basics’ approach with the new product architecture. A lightweight desktop installation for design and a flexible SDK and CLI for run-time are the core components which will plug into any existing job management infrastructure you may have already built around a previous version. For users who want to take advantage of our out-of-the-box, robust and secure cloud infrastructure, DataCloud is the preferred deployment option.

Backwards compatibility with Actian DataConnect versions 9 and 10 is another core theme in the version 11 release. Pervasive Data Integrator version 9 users can skip Version 10 altogether and upgrade directly to Version 11. Those maps, schema, processes, and other artifacts can be imported to Version 11 without the need to perform a migration. Simply import and use them.

The design environment focuses on developer productivity and integration architecture simplification with a small footprint, desktop IDE installation. It includes all the familiar mapping and event features that were available in Data Integrator version 9. We’ve also added even more development tools that will increase your speed to iterate through the development of new and to modify your existing integration projects.

We wanted to get this release into the field so our version 9 users could begin to take advantage of it immediately. Version 10 users will be able to upgrade in a subsequent release targeted later in 2017.

What’s New and Different About DataConnect 11?


  • Lightweight desktop design interface built on a widely adopted extensible open-source IDE framework.
  • Ability to import, rather than migrate, integration artifacts from prior DataConnect versions.
  • Full support for Data Integrator Version 9 Events and Actions for backward compatibility.
  • Open, file system-based metadata repository that enables use of your existing source control systems.
  • Flexible software development kit (SDK) and command line interface (CLI) to support your custom job management infrastructure.
  • DataCloud deployment option: Manage in the cloud, run time on-premises via agents.

Integration Features:

  • REST Invoker 3.0: Easy-to-use and standardized approach to RESTful web service APIs.
  • Engine execution profiler provides immediate, interactive performance feedback.
  • Built-in XML and Text editors for power users to directly modify metadata.
  • Content assist in the script editor (aka code completion).
  • Reject connection tab for improved ease of use.
  • Optional support for macro sets and encrypted values.
  • Improved “Search and Replace” functionality and Help system.

Want to Learn More?

For the hands-on users, here is a short series of videos showing the new user interface in action.

Download data sheet and whitepaper: click here

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