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DataConnect 11.1 Highlights

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July 19, 2017

DataConnect 11.1 Highlights

I am excited to share news of our most recent release of DataConnect 11.1. This release wraps up a significant phase in that it provides backward-compatible support for our customers who use EDI x12, HIPAA, and HL7 connectors and components. If you use Data Integrator version 9 to process those documents, you can now begin your upgrade to version 11!

Some other enhancements, fixes, and improvements include:

  • Standalone engine for AIX for on-premises deployments.
  • Multi-mode table selector to quickly create schemas and build maps to relational databases.
  • Samples repository project for out-of-the-box, working examples to help you learn new tricks and techniques.
  • Ability to map without being connected to source/target to make “offline” design more effective.

There was also a significant update to our DataCloud DataConnect integration management console in the form of a new user interface. Our goal was to improve the user experience by making it more intuitive for operations teams to configure, monitor, and manage changes in your integrations. We will continue to enhance and expand its functionality with frequent, iterative releases.

As before, you can ‘design once, deploy anywhere’ using DataCloud and run your integrations on the cloud or on-premises.

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