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Actian Lufthansa Systems Customer Story

About Lufthansa Systems

As one of the world’s leading full service IT providers and industry specialists to the airline and aviation sector, Lufthansa Systems offers LidoFlight Planning as well as other airline solutions to some 300 national and international commercial airlines across the world. Lufthansa is an expert in this field, offering a modular range of products and services to manage all aspects of airline operations and planning.

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Provide a robust and stable database platform to underpin the airline’s own planning and routing software that is also licensed to hundreds of airlines globally.

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Actian X transactional database and Actian OpenROAD application development platform were chosen to support the company’s flight planning application.

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  • Real-time availability of data.
  • High levels of uptime.
  • Reliability and stability.
  • Cost-effective licensing.

At Lufthansa Systems, global aviation data and support is distributed seamlessly using Actian database technology. Lufthansa’s Lido flight and route planning software is built on Actian’s Actian X database technology. “We have been using Actian X for some time in our business,” explains Rudi Koffer, senior database software architect at the Lufthansa Systems Airlines Operations Solutions division in Frankurt Raunheim, Germany. “The combination of performance, speed, stability and price of Actian X, as well as the great support from the Actian team, continues to make their database platform a great piece of technology to build our flight and route planning software on.” A central Actian X database serves as the repository of information that powers all LidoFlight Planning. The data is available to the application in real-time, it is easy to use, secure and available 24 x 7.

A Robust Solution for the Airline Industry

The company licenses the application to other airlines and transportation companies across the world. Lufthansa Systems installs the solution, maintains and updates it in real time to ensure that the airlines have the latest information at their fingertips when they need it. Every time there is a new piece of data or information about a new flight path, a new flight restriction, an airport closure or severe turbulence on the horizon, Lufthansa Systems feeds this via LidoFlight Planning to its customers, helping to ensure that airlines and pilots en route can get their passengers and their cargo safely to their destinations. By calculating cost-optimal flight routes, LidoFlight guarantees to generate millions of dollars in extra revenue for its customers annually. And in an ever turbulent airline industry, airlines must ensure that their operations run as smoothly and cost-efficiently as possible. This is made possible thanks to the underlying Ingres database that powers LidoFlight Planning.

“Actian X is the underlying database that powers LidoFlight Planning,” adds Rudi Koffer. “The reasons why we originally chose Actian X and continue to rely on the database are numerous. It offers great functionality, high levels of reliability and stability, a cost-effective licensing model, and is backed up with excellent support. When we compare Actian X to other database technologies on the market, their transactional database continues to be one of the best choices to power this type of mission-critical use case. It’s very reassuring to know that our solution, which keeps airplanes and passengers safe, is backed up by a database that has for so many years been playing in the ‘premier league’.”

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"Actian Business Xchange SupplierConnect validates the data before passing it on. When we know up-front that all the data is correct, we can count on timely invoice processing, reduced rework, and getting payment in the door faster."