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Actian Partner Showcase – SOS Software Service

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December 4, 2019

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Each month, we will be featuring a different partner in our Actian Partner Showcase series. In December, the spotlight belongs to our long-term Actian Zen distributor in Germany, SOS Software Service, who was also awarded 2018 Best Data Management Partner, EMEA.

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Tell Us a Bit About SOS Software?
SOS Software Service was established in 1987 by a few enthusiastic guys who saw potential in value-added distribution.  We two have offices in Germany, in Augsburg and Herrenberg, and one office in Switzerland, Frauenfeld. We are specialized in software distribution throughout Europe and we have 55 employees.
Actian is a longtime vendor for us – we have been selling it for over 30 years!

If You Could Describe SOS Software With Just One Word, What Word Would It Be?
One word? Then – reliable!

How Long Have You Been an Actian Partner and Who Found Who?
We have been engaged since 1987 when Btrieve (Softcraft) was part of Novell netware. SOS used to sell Novell netware and came across Btrieve as part of it. When it came to the separation of Btrieve and Novell netware in 1996, SOS got the distribution rights.

What is the Funniest Moment You Can Think of When it Comes to Actian?
CEBIT booths in the 90’s. Great parties, great Samba bands, great partnership, massive sales, big OEM deals, and a lot of fun beside sales.

Name Three Characteristics That Come to Your Mind When You Hear Actian?
Fast, reliable, great value for money

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What Are Some of the Biggest Challenges You See in the World of Data These Days?
Finding the right analytics among the massive floods of data. Those, who are able to perform their analytics right, will be incredibly successful in the future.

If Someone Gave You Enough Money to Start a Business, What Kind of Business Would You Want to Start and Why?
I would open an amazing Italian restaurant – people will always eat so you can earn a lot of money in food business.
But on more serious note, I think selling software is a very good business because it is what we are living in and technologies are getting more and more important each and every day.


Responding was Cynthia Hermann, Director of Marketing and Business Development at SOS Software Service.

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