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Actian Data Platform Receives Data Breakthrough Award for Innovative Integration Capabilities

Actian Corporation

April 11, 2024

Data Breakthrough Award

Data integration is a critical capability for any organization looking to connect their data—in an era when there’s more data from more sources than ever before. In fact, data integration is the key to unlocking and sustaining business growth. A modern approach to data integration elevates analytics and enables richer, more contextual insights by bringing together large data sets from new and existing sources.

That’s why you need a data platform that makes integration easy. And the Actian Data Platform does exactly that. It’s why the platform was recently honored with the prestigious “Data Integration Solution of the Year” award from Data Breakthrough. The Data Breakthrough Aware program recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global data technology market.

Whether you want to connect data from cloud-based sources or use data that’s on-premises, the integration process should be simple, even for those without advanced coding or data engineering skill sets. Ease of integration allows business analysts, other data users, and data-driven applications to quickly access the data they need, which reduces time to value and promotes a data-driven culture.

Access the Autonomy of Self-Service Data Integration

Being recognized by Data Breakthrough, an independent market intelligence organization, at its 5th annual awards program highlights the Actian platform’s innovative capabilities for data integration and our comprehensive approach to data management. With the platform’s modern API-first integration capabilities, organizations in any industry can connect and leverage data from diverse sources to build a more cohesive and efficient data ecosystem.

The platform provides a unified experience for ingesting, transforming, analyzing, and storing data. It meets the demands of your modern business, whether you operate across cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments, while giving you full confidence in your data.

With the Actian platform, you can leverage a self-service data integration solution that addresses multiple use cases without requiring multiple products—one of the benefits that Data Breakthrough called out when giving us the award. The platform makes data easy to use for analysts and others across your organization, allowing you to unlock the full value of your data.

Making Data Integration Easy

The Actian Data Platform offers integration as a service while making data integration, data quality, and data preparation easier than you may have ever thought possible. The recently enhanced platform also assists in lowering costs and actively contributes to better decision making across the business.

The Actian platform is unique in its ability to collect, manage, and analyze data in real time with its transactional database, data integration, data quality, and data warehouse capabilities. It manages data from any public cloud, multi or hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments through a single pane of glass.

All of this innovation will be increasingly needed as more organizations—more than 75% of enterprises by 2025—will have their data in data centers across multiple cloud providers and on-premises. Having data in various places requires a strategic investment in data management products that can span multiple locations and have the ability to bring the data together.

This is another area where the Actian Data Platform delivers value. It lets you connect data from all your sources and from any environment to break through data silos and streamline data workflows, making trusted data more accessible for all users and applications.

Try the Award-Winning Platform With a Guided Experience

The Actian Data Platform also enables you to prep your data to ensure it’s ready for AI and also help you use your data to train AI models effectively. The platform can automate time-consuming data preparation tasks, such as aggregating data, handling missing values, and standardizing data from various sources.

One of our platform’s greatest strengths is its extreme performance. It offers a nine times faster speed advantage and 16 times better cost savings over alternative platforms. We’ve also made recent updates to improve user friendliness. In addition to using pre-built connectors, you can easily connect data and applications using REST- and SOAP-based APIs that can be configured with just a few clicks.

Are you interested in experiencing the platform for yourself? If so, we invite you to participate in a guided free trial. For a limited time, we’re offering a 30-day trial with our team of technical experts. With your data and our expertise, you’ll see firsthand how the platform lets you go from data source to decision quickly and with full confidence.

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