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Upcoming &
On-Demand Webinars

All of our webinar content, in one place.

Avalanche Live Weekly Product Demo
| Every Thurs | 10:00am PDT
Our product experts will showcase key features of Actian Avalanche hybrid cloud data warehouse, spotlight different industry use cases, and answer liv...
Harness Edge to Cloud Data from IoT and Mobile in Manufacturing Applications
Hear how Global Shop Solutions is leveraging Zen Core as serverless, lightweight DB for Mobile and IoT data management.
Turbocharging your Hadoop Data Lake to Deliver Operational Insight
Learn how to get the highest return on your Hadoop data lake data investment with Actian Vector.
Gaining Insights from Semi-structured Data with Bill Inmon
Join Bill Inmon as he describes the rising importance of semi-structured data in today’s analytical applications.
Maximizing the 5G Opportunity: How Telcos Are Reinventing Their Business with Data
Join industry Charlie Wade, former executive at Rogers Communications, Vodafone and Nortel, as he discusses how CSPs are poised to emerge as clear win...
Migrating from Snowflake to Gain Performance and Reduce Cost
Learn why Actian Avalanche provides more insights at lower cost and how easy it is to move your Snowflake workloads to Avalanche.
Action Guide to Prepare for the Inevitability of Hybrid Data
Join this webinar to learn the specific steps you should take to ensure a successful move to the cloud. [Actian + 451 Research]
Rethinking Oracle Data Warehouse Modernization with Actian
Learn how Actian de-risks your database migration.
Avalanche Unleashed: In-Depth Discussion of Avalanche’s High Performance Architecture
Learn the core architecture principles responsible for Actian Avalanche’s high performance.
Avalanche Live Product Demo – Fraud Analytics
Watch this video to see how Actian Avalanche can be used to detect fraudulent activity with blazing speed and accuracy.
The Future of Edge Data Management
Learn about the importance of edge intelligence and how to manage data in edge applications.
Integrate Anything, Anywhere Seamlessly with Actian DataConnect
Learn how to easily configure, schedule, execute, manage and monitor all deployed integrations from a single pane of glass.
[Actian + MicroStrategy] Modern Analytics Essentials for Thriving During Market Uncertainty
Join Actian and MicroStrategy to learn how you can take advantage of data from diverse sources to gain real-time insights through a visually-rich expe...
Why Integration is Critical to Real-time Decision Making
Learn about how Actian’s Integration platform can be used for real-time decision making
From Raw Data to Real-Time Insights
Best practices for data lakes and data warehouses, featuring Bill Inmon, Father of the Modern Data Warehouse
Real-Time Decision Making with Actian X
Join to learn about how easy it is to modernize your traditional Teradata, Oracle and Netezza EDWs.
How to Succeed with a Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse [Actian + Ventana Group]
Learn the modern requirements for effectively deploying a hybrid cloud data warehouse.
Avalanche Live Product Demo – Performance Comparison
Watch this video to see how Actian Avalanche, the fastest data warehouse in the market, performs against other popular cloud data warehouses.
Watch the Fastest Cloud Data Warehouse in Action
Join the Actian team to see the Actian Avalanche Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse in action.
The Operational Data Warehouse – The Next Big Thing in BI & Analytics
Join us to hear about how real-world companies deployed near real-time analytics and why Actian Vector is so much faster than traditional databases.
Rapid Database-centric Application Development
Join us to hear about how real-world companies have deployed OpenRoad 4GL applications and what makes Actian OpenRoad popular with developers.
Accelerate Insights Through Faster Data [Actian + Looker]
The ability to access accurate, reliable, real-time data to make informed business decisions can mean the difference between surviving and thriving in...
Improving Patient Care Outcomes Through Real-Time Connected Healthcare Analytics
How to master the complexities of healthcare analytics for better patient outcomes.
Choosing the Right In-Application Tools and Data Management for Your Mobile Applications
A comparison of three popular mobile application embedded data management platforms
Journey to the Modern Data Warehouse: Actian Avalanche on Azure
Today’s most data-intensive enterprises are reaching for new levels of analytics performance in the cloud. Petabyte data sizes, thousands of concurr...
Best Practices in Data Migration to the Cloud
Join Stephen Williams, Executive VP at iCube 360, who will talk about seven best practices in migrating data to the Cloud and how by following those p...
Rethinking Data Warehouse Modernization
Hear from Jim Curtis, 451 Group’s resident expert on Data Modernization talk about migration best practices discussion spotlighting real-world Netez...
Rethinking Netezza Migration: 7 Real-World Secrets to Success
In this webcast you will learn best practices you can apply today to get your migration journey started on the right path. And also common mistakes to...
Bill Inmon: The Evolution of the Data Warehouse
Bill Inmon, speaks frankly about the evolution of data warehousing, joined by Raghu Chakravarti shares his thoughts on its hybrid future.
The Future Of Machine Learning In The Cloud
On-Demand TechTALK with Mike Gualtieri, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester who delves into the emergence, adoption and growth of machine learning with...
Hybrid Integration Platforms – Fuel Your Digital Transformation Initiatives
In this presentation, Henry Peyret, Forrester analyst and our guest speaker will share his views on Integration Market trends and the requirements for...
Why a Cloud Data Warehouse Should Be Part Of Your Strategy
Industry expert Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst for Forrester shares his views, based on the experiences of early adopters and empirical survey data f...
Empowering Users Through Faster Data
Learn how Actian Avalanche and Looker customers benefit from better insights, faster, through secure, governed real-time visualization of operational ...