AI Models

A man holding a tablet and discussing AI models

AI Models are trained using data that provides the model with a foundation of knowledge that it applies when responding to natural language prompts and generating predictive data or multimedia content.

Why Are AI Models Important?

AI models save humans time and effort searching for insights, creating content and coding. AI Models are used to develop powerful chatbot applications that can offload time-intensive sales and customer service interactions. AI Models have developed to the level that creative tasks such as image development using drawing, photography and graphic design can be done simply by describing what you want to be created. Software developers can use AI to write code snippets for applications much more efficiently than manual coding. An AI does not make simple typing errors or forget to include required libraries as humans often do. As a result, humans can increasingly offload tedious work to AI-model-powered assistants, leaving them to do more engaging and interesting tasks.

Applications of AI Models


This is one of the most exciting applications of AI technology. Tesla is developing a general-purpose, bi-pedal, humanoid robot capable of performing unsafe, repetitive or monotonous tasks. The machine uses a neural network that depends on visual input and a vast training dataset to learn new tasks.

Real-Time Analytics

Machine learning models can be provided with streamed data to help them predict the likelihood of future outcomes, such as forecasting extreme weather events or adverse business conditions.


Sports betting and online poker back-end systems can set bet prices based on changing odds to maintain profit margins. Player behavior can be analyzed to promote future events.

Online Retail

Machine Learning models can uncover past buying patterns that match current promotions to personalize digital ads and promotional emails to send to different buyer segments. This, in effect, will increase customer engagement and improve revenues for the provider.


Doctors can use AI Models to help them diagnose patients and take proactive action based on likely outcomes dictated by thousands of similar cases in the training data. This form of prescriptive medicine based on the Doctor’s experience and distilled knowledge from the AI Model can improve the likelihood of a successful treatment.

Currency Trading

When a public business is in the final days or hours of closing its financial books around the globe, AI Models can recommend where to deposit liquid assets to gain the optimal currency effect on their bottom-line figures.

Risk and Fraud Management

Credit card issuers and insurance companies have to monitor for fraud continuously. AI Models enable them to study transactions as they happen to predict which transactions to hold for further verification before authorization. Fraudsters use subtle tactics that only automated systems can detect as anomalous because they have seen the same tactics used only seconds before by the AI, which a human could easily miss.

Actian Data Management for AI

AI Models depend on good data to deliver accurate predictions. The Actian Data Platform perfectly complements a ML project by providing a unified experience for ingesting, transforming, analyzing, and storing data. The Actian Data Platform provides ultra-fast query performance, even for complex workloads, without tuning using vector processing. DataConnect, the built-in data integration technology, prepares training data by removing outliers, structuring data and transforming values to improve the efficacy of any data analysis.

The Actian Data Platform is available on-premise and on multiple public cloud platforms. Try the 30-day free trial by signing up here.