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Eliminate Data Silos to Shape Data-Driven Decisions

Businesses often struggle to maximize the value of their data because of roadblocks that prevent access to accurate, comprehensive, and timely data. Actian™️ Cloud Data Platform breaks down these barriers with a single solution that:

  • Is fully managed, easy to use, and affordable
  • Delivers optimal performance, reliability, and security
  • Eliminates data silos with hundreds of built-in self-service integration to handle disparate and diverse data
  • Powers advanced analytics processing, reporting, and visualization to support real-time decision making

Performs across multiple
cloud and on-premises environments:


Fuel Business Growth with Data

Get all the functionality you need in a single platform. The Actian Cloud Data Platform empowers you to make better data-driven decisions faster with real-time access to high-quality data

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Make scaling your business easy
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