On-demand Compute

The compute capacity you need,
paid for only when in use.


Unbeatable Price Performance

6X the queries for the same cost
of compute as Snowflake.


Native Integration

Comprehensive, built-in
integration capabilities.

Plans that fit your scale

The Actian Data Platform offers multiple options to get started with a cloud data platform that fits your needs. Our built in compute accelerator provides incredible performance at affordable prices. Get started now with our base option or contact us for enterprise-ready custom options.

per hour
  • 24/7 Gold Support
  • Elastic Compute
  • Customer Dedicated Data Warehouses
  • Vectorized Data Warehouse Engine
  • No-Code Data Integration
  • No-Code JSON Data Loading
  • Desktop Data Loader
  • Enterprise Grade Encryption
  • Federated Identity (SSO)
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Local Failover/Failback
  • SLA 99.5
Enterprise +
per hour
Avalanche Enterprise + Features Avalanche Enterprise Functionality PLUS:

  • 24/7 Platinum Support
  • High Performance Nodes
  • Advanced Security / Key Management
  • Warehouse Workload Management
  • Parallelized Data/ML Processing
  • PrivateLink Support for AWS
  • PrivateLink Support for Azure
  • Private Access Support for Google
  • Multi-Region Failover/Failback
  • Roll-Over AU Hours
  • SLA 99.99

* Actian Units (AU) are priced per hour of use. Storage priced separately.

Enterprise Reserved Pricing Available.

Total Cost of Usage: The Modern Metric for Understanding the
True Value of Cloud Data Platforms

by Early Adopter Research

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