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Total Cost of Usage By Early Adopter Research

Why TCO is No Longer the Right Metric to Apply in the Cloud World

If you’re like most businesses, you may be using  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to evaluate data warehouse costs. However, when evaluating cloud data warehouses, this approach does not make sense.

Read this Whitepaper by Early Adopter Research, to find out why the entire idea of  TCO  just doesn’t apply to the cloud, and what metric you should be using instead to determine the true value offered by cloud data warehouses.

This Whitepaper includes:

  • The concept of Total Cost of Usage (TCU).
  • A proforma comparison that illustrates the value of cloud data warehouse.
  • The features and functions of the only hybrid cloud data warehouse.

Read this Whitepaper and make an informed decision for your modern enterprise.

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