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PALO ALTO, Calif. – April 18, 2017 – Actian, the hybrid data management, analytics and integration company, today announced a new vision and set of solutions designed to unify diverse data across the enterprise. Actian X, which the company announced with immediate availability, is the first native, hybrid database that combines the power of the proven Actian Ingres OLTP database with Actian’s industry-leading Vector analytics query engine to deliver break-through performance and scalability critical to powering the next-generation digital enterprise.

While the industry talks about hybrid deployment models, today’s transactional, operational and analytic data is typically managed in rigid silos, limiting performance and true actionable insights. Traditional solutions from established providers usually feature monolithic platforms that increase complexity, cost and lock-in without delivering the promised performance or insight. Today’s announcement of the innovative Actian X and Actian DataConnect 11 integration offerings demonstrates Actian’s commitment to delivering solutions specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s hybrid data-driven enterprise.

Delivering Industry-Leading Scale and Speed

Actian embraces the entire hybrid data ecosystem, combining best-fit tools to bridge on-premises and cloud environments while powering modern data-driven applications and services. With query times up to 10x faster than the competition, Actian X brings the record-breaking performance of Actian Vector analytics into the heart of the OLTP database to effortlessly process transactional, analytical and hybrid workloads from a single database running on a single compute node. Actian X’s common SQL language interface and management framework seamlessly deliver operational analytics and enable a new class of applications that can interleave OLTP and analytics queries on the fly. Unlike alternative solutions that are tied to specific applications or are limited by available system memory, Actian X delivers the capabilities, scale and speed never seen before in a relational database.

“Actian has made strategic investments in its technology and tools to address the demands of today’s enterprise data ecosystem,” said Rohit De Souza, CEO of Actian. “The need for rapid insight to make real-time customer offers, detect fraud quickly or optimize supply chains requires enterprises to fundamentally rethink how they employ their data. Hybrid data management integrates high-performance analytics within an enterprise’s mission-critical transactional data systems resulting in a system that can analyze and act at the speed of business. Today’s announcement is just the start of a multi-phase plan to unify and transform the world of data analytics.”

“The inclusion of the Actian vector-based X-100 query engine is a game changer for us,” said Geraint Jones, Database Administrator at the Clinical Trials Service Unit at the University of Oxford. “We’ve seen the levels of performance this engine brings where we can quickly make a snapshot of our relational data and run analytic queries on billions of data points without needing to export everything out of one installation into another. It opens an entirely new world of possibilities.”

Actian X

The first natively integrated hybrid database is designed to manage transactional, analytic and hybrid data workloads from a single database. Key features of this new release are:

  • Delivers Operational Analytics – Expands capabilities of existing Ingres applications, making it possible to analyze clickstream data and historical customer information to identify targeted add-ons, cross sell, upsell opportunities in near real time, increasing retail sales.
  • Advanced In-Database Functionality – Adds new OLTP features and geospatial algorithm support for enhanced transactional performance and location-based applications.
  • Improves Outcomes With Integration – Includes new integration capabilities to extend connectivity to a broad spectrum of data sources both inside and outside of the enterprise.
  • Keeps Business Critical Systems Healthy – Includes the Actian Enterprise Monitoring Appliance to keep track of the health of the database and host system by monitoring and setting alerts for key system functions like disk usage, I/O performance, transaction log files and network latency.
  • Improves Disaster Recovery – Actian’s new cloud-based DataCloud Backup delivers native managed cloud service for backup built specifically for Actian’s relational database offerings with unprecedented scale, security and economics.

Actian DataConnect 11

Delivering on Actian’s hybrid data vision, Actian also announced Actian DataConnect 11 today with immediate availability. With its innovative zero migration design this flexible, enterprise-class integration solution delivers the foundation necessary to power a next generation cloud architecture. Featuring intuitive workflow design, simplified administration and support for the popular Eclipse open source framework, DataConnect 11 brings new levels of integration and ease of use across enterprise data centers and public cloud environments.

About Actian – Activate your Data™

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