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February 10, 2020

Per Connector Pricing Model

How to Break Free From Pay “Per-Connector Pricing Model”

According to Gartner: “Many integration providers base pricing of the components of their enterprise integration platform as a service (eiPaaS) suite on the range of functionality and variable items — such as the number of applications connected via the platform, a number of users or the volume of application programming interface (API) traffic per month. When application leaders procure iPaaS to support a potentially large range of still partially unknown use cases, they do not fully know upfront the functionality set they will actually need, or the quantification of the variable items. This may lead to over-provisioning and overspending.”

Buying an Integration Solution Does Not Have to Be Complicated Anymore

Most iPaaS vendors have very complex pricing and packaging structures. On the one hand, some vendors have a use-case-based pricing model, meaning they have a different price if you want to purchase B2B integration, data integration, or hybrid integration. On the other hand, some vendors charge based on per-user or consumption-based pricing. Most vendors have a “per connector” or “per connection charge” associated with the purchase – meaning if I need a Salesforce connector today and tomorrow, I need to connect to Netsuite or Marketo; I will be required to pay for both connectors separately. So, in reality, if today I need connectors for two applications and tomorrow I need five connectors, then my total price goes up significantly. For most organizations, it isn’t very easy to predict beforehand how many applications they would need to connect to in 6 months or a year.

Many companies considering the purchase of an iPaaS solution are usually mid-size organizations that have limited resources to invest in an integration strategy empowerment team (ISET) or an Integration Competency Center (ICC) or Integration Center of Excellence (ICoE). The sole responsibility of these teams is to evaluate vendors and their portfolios, use cases and scenarios, and make buying recommendations.

The Need for Transparent, Predictable Value-Based Pricing

In most cases, iPaaS customers buy iPaaS for ease of use, and to lower their total cost of ownership (TCO). These buying criteria should also ideally lend itself to ease of purchase. It should be transparent for customers to know what they are buying and be able to quantify that value easily. They should also be able to predict the cost going forward.

Keeping all these customer pain points in mind, we at Actian took a very close look at all the competitive iPaaS offerings, and we wanted to simplify the packaging and pricing for Actian DataConnect. The pricing model is simple, transparent, and predictable, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Pricing on Your Terms – Based on the Number of Engines You Need to Run Concurrently

Procured as an annual subscription, Actian DataConnect has predictable pricing based on your integration needs today. Actian DataConnect’s pricing model is solely based on the number of concurrently running integration engines you need to support your use cases and processing needs. This means you can add more engines as you grow and scale. Everything else is included – unlimited users, development seats, unlimited connectors or connections. At Actian, we do not charge customers on a “per connector” basis. We believe purchasing iPaaS using a “consumption-based” or “connection-based” pricing model can quickly become very expensive with unanticipated growth in usage and throughput.

Predictable Pricing with No Hidden Fees or Surprises

You only pay per runtime/processing engine, not connectors, the number of users, data used, or CPUs. We make it easy for you to predict what your costs will be as you grow.

Integrate Anything

UniversalConnect™ patented technology enables you to quickly connect to virtually any data source, format, location, protocol, any cloud or SaaS application.

One Price that Enables You to Deploy Anywhere

Supports any use case or integration pattern – in-cloud, multiple clouds, on-premises, or hybrid cloud.

Simple, Transparent, and Predictable

Actian DataConnect offers pricing with no hidden fees or surprises. Cloud integration pricing does not have to be complicated. Finally, it’s time to break free from “per connector” pricing.

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