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9 Essential Blog Articles to Help You Know Your Customer Better

Actian Corporation

February 21, 2023

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Competition for customers is more intense than ever. And landing customers is only half the battle. Keeping them happy is the other half. Creating customers for life entails nurturing relationships and predicting changing needs, or risk losing customers to competitors. 

Innovative marketers understand the importance of knowing their customers so they can meet their needs and exceed their expectations. The barrier to achieving this often lies in an organization’s inability to easily integrate and utilize all relevant data to build comprehensive customer profiles.  

Add in the problem of a growing number of data and analytic tools, causing silos instead of enabling holistic customer views, and it’s easy to see why businesses have difficulty in truly knowing their customers. That’s why having the right platform is essential.   

We’ve collected the following articles in one place – offering expert advice and proven approaches that empower marketing teams to better know their customers and deliver the right experiences: 

  1. Personalize CX: Personalization is the key to superior customer experiences. This presents a stark challenge for today’s businesses—deliver customized experiences across every interaction, or the customer may jump to a competitor that does. Find out why data-driven personalization can be the difference between “a customer for a moment and a customer for life.”
  2. Connect Data for Easier CX: Ensuring consistent and outstanding customer experiences can be tricky because data is often spread out across disparate systems or hidden away in silos. Data must be integrated into a single platform and easy to use across the organization to deliver optimal value. See how connected data makes CX easier and more predictable. 
  3. Prioritize CX: Creating an effective customer experience strategy is one critical step in an organization’s mission to connect with customers in meaningful ways. The strategy must include a way to understand the many dimensions of the customer and build 360-degree views at scale. Discover how prioritizing a CX strategy can drive business growth. 
  4. Solve CX Challenges for Small Businesses: Engaging customers is business-critical for organizations of all sizes, but small and medium businesses face unique challenges. That’s because they have fewer technology resources to integrate all relevant data from all sources. Learn how the right platform lets businesses, even those with less than 1,000 employees, solve CX pain points and ensure success. 
  5. See the Relationship Between CX and Cloud Data Integration: One downside of having so many customer experience tools now available is that they lead to data silos. Barriers to data integration lead to blind spots in the organization. Here’s a great read on how a cloud data platform offers a single solution for integrating and transforming all data, including data stored in the cloud, to tailor customer experiences and reach desired outcomes
  6. Understand the Importance of a CX Strategy: Taking a proactive approach to customer experiences often requires less time and effort than reacting to negative feedback. Customers need positive interactions for the good to outweigh the bad. Delivering these interactions is increasingly important because unhappy customers are far more likely to write reviews and be vocal than happy customers. See how the right strategy can help guide the customer experience. 
  7. Boost CX Through IoT and Edge Computing: Businesses are using more of the data they create at the edge—outside of the traditional data center or cloud infrastructure. Edge computing is revolutionizing the way businesses collect, process, and store data, which is opening doors to better customer experiences. Find out how data from edge computing and internet of things (IoT) devices will transform the way businesses and customers interact.
  8. Deliver Impactful CX: Ensuring the right customer experiences starts with having accurate data that’s easy to access, manage, and use. “For businesses today, that data is the lifeblood for CX,” according to a blog. Too often, data management challenges limit access to current data, which negatively impacts customer experiences. See how to solve the challenge and modernize CX.
  9. Increase Loyalty and Brand Sentiment: Providing the right experience to every customer, during every interaction, can be tricky. No surprise there. But what may be surprising is that data is not easy to access at many businesses. Easily accessible data can mitigate customer churn and enable superior experiences, among other benefits. Follow a data-driven approach to up-level customer experiences, build loyalty, and boost customer sentiment.  

 Start Delivering Enhanced Customer Experiences Today 

As the articles point out, data optimization is essential to delight customers with impactful experiences. Businesses must be able to easily connect, manage, and analyze their data in a consistent way to understand customers, then predict and nurture their journeys. We hope these provide concrete examples for you to aid you in your journey in delivering the best in your customer experiences. 

The Actian Data Platform simplifies data usage. It allows marketers and others throughout the business to utilize data to ensure strategies are successful. Organizations can reimagine experiences that meet fast-changing customer needs and accurately determine the next best offer, while building and sustaining customer loyalty.  

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