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Financial Services

Imagine being able to power through every risk and reward scenario to fine tune your entire 2015 strategy. For every area of financial services, Big Data 2.0 holds the promise of game-changing data science and mind-blowing precision.


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Financial data analytics for security, compliance, growth

  • Analyze market and credit risk in real time, across assets and regions
  • Model liquidity across an exhaustive range of scenarios in near real time
  • Conduct dynamic stress testing using unlimited scenarios
  • Accelerate trading analytics, strategy development, and portfolio analysis
  • Perform transaction-level fraud detection and forensics
  • Meet all reporting requirements for Basel III and Dodd-Frank
  • Create more profitable relationships with hyper-segmentation
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Actian lets you transform and load ticker data at a rate of 2.5 million records per second to provide the freshest information possible.



The move to electronic medical records, the digital hospital, and wearable sensors presents an ocean of opportunity for healthcare organizations. Real-time data connectivity coupled with high-performance analytics offers a powerful prescription for improved healthcare services at lower costs.


Enhance Population Outcomes with Payer and Provider Analytic Solutions

  • Personalize care management for smaller and smaller segments
  • Target preventative programs at those who are most likely to change behavior
  • Integrate care management and continually improve effectiveness of all programs
  • Extend your care management analytics to corporate customers
  • Optimize cost and utilization to create a healthier population
  • Create new models for patient advocacy and community development
  • Automate claims processing and embed self-learning analytics
  • Securely connect all parties and devices to share patient information in real-time
  • Prevent care errors and fraud at the point of the transaction
  • Speed the process of clinical research
"Actian provides the ability to analyze 800 million to 1 billion rows of data in seconds. This allows pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to analyze the success of treatments by different categories to help make better decisions on how to improve medical care."
– Shinji Hirai, EBM Planning Team Manager, MDV
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You can load 600 analytic functions into the Actian Analytics Platform and run the analytics as a first class object within the database to get the highest possible performance.  Imagine that kind of power in a medical research project.

Customer Analytics

The race to delight customers is on. Employing analytics now makes you a winner. Actian’s Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program helps jump start your analytics journey. With Actian Customer Analytics Blueprints, you can understand your customers better, deepen customer engagements and predict and influence customer behavior.

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Transform your business with these Customer Analytics Blueprints

  • Customer profiles-create a 360 degree view
  • Micro-segmentation-create segments of one
  • Customer lifetime value-find high value customers
  • Next best action-influence customer decisions
  • Campaign optimization-refine campaign performance
  • Churn-prevent customers from leaving
  • Market basket analysis-uncover hidden profitability
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75% of businesses have yet to successfully deploy big data analytics solutions, despite 65% increasing analytics investments?  Actian’s Clear Path Program can help you move your analytics projects from lab to production. Email analytics@actian.com to get started.


Digital Media

The Digital Revolution completely changed the way we consume information and interact with the virtual world. Every interaction with every consumer of information leaves a digital signature ripe with new insight into behavior, preferences, and propensities. Big Data 2.0 is turning that data into a symbiotic relationship for those who know how to dig deep.

Decoding digital media data for insights, performance, profit

  • Shape customer behavior with increasingly personalized offers
  • Turn social engagement into a brand experience with amazing precision
  • Generate environments and information on the fly for your top customers
  • Dynamically optimize micro-campaigns in real-time
  • Refresh your segmentation and pricing models in minutes instead of days
  • Monetize assets with fine-tuned assessments on golden paths
  • Discover and leverage unique foraging and consumption patterns
"The Actian Analytics Platform enables real-time optimization to ensure that brands using Unruly’s platform are outperforming competitors in the social video space."
– Dan Best, Planning Director, Unruly
Did you know?

Actian gives you the power to analyze customer profiles from 76% of the American population, data from 300 million daily searches, including 50,000 user attributes.


Big Data 1.0 inundated governments with data pouring in from the Internet of things, social media, video, satellite and sensor data of all kinds. Big Data 2.0 operationalizes that data with analytics to know, serve, and protect people with amazing precision, at a lower cost.

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Government Data Analytics: From Challenge to Opportunity

  • Analyze information to positively influence how people live
  • Create new public services that benefit the entire population
  • Detect incidents before they occur and automate responses
  • Rapidly assess and respond to security and safety threats
  • Increase efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in your organization
  • Model and optimize response to national and local events
  • Utilize real-time disease surveillance to contain potential outbreaks
  • Optimize field engagement and utilization optimization
Did you know?

The Actian Analytics Platform lets you load data at a rate of 160 TB per hour. That’s 2.66 TB every minute.



Brand loyalty can be elusive in today’s consumer-driven mass market where savvy shoppers surf and tweet to find the best deals. Discover how Big Data 2.0 helps you drive profit by delivering the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Know the customer, know the products, conquer the marketplace

  • Predict consumer shopping patterns with increasing precision
  • Personalize products and offers for micro to nano-segments
  • Rapidly create and test micro-campaigns to increase response
  • Make tradeoffs to optimize assortment, price, promotion, and inventory
  • Dynamically set pricing to increase profits
  • Expand demand signaling to include market and other outside influences
  • Optimize multi-channel transactions and communications
  • Take market basket analysis to the store level
  • Combine merchandising optimization with deep customer analytics
  • Operationalize loyalty analysis to inform channel and customer preference
  • Turn digital interactions into in-store insight
  • Optimize store operations and product placements
"Not only can we meet consumer demand, we can now anticipate it. We can also make the necessary adjustments to our inventory which helps our bottom line."
– Charlie Bough, SVP IT
Did you know?

Actian has the analytics muscle to recalculate 10,000 customer segments, with 50,000 user attributes, 20 times a day and deliver more than 300 million ad recommendations.

SaaS and Software Providers

Software and SaaS providers are collecting and storing massive amounts of data from their customers every day. Imagine being able to analyze that data to gain deeper analytical insights and build better relationships with your customers that could change the way you do business forever. With Big Data 2.0, you can get actionable customer insights to increase efficiencies, and solve business problems using data you already have.

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End-to-end data discovery and guidance

  • Fully integrate in the cloud or on premise environments
  • Act on customer insights available in real-time
  • Learn more about your customers and discover new business opportunities
  • Turn insights into real business values
  • Transform your business model based on analytical insights from customer data
  • Perform predictive market analyses based on complete data, and not just a sub-set of that data
  • Accurately predict and prevent customer churn
  • Empower customers with valuable insights into their businesses
  • Connect all of your customer’s data to your application invisibly
  • Embed prepackaged connectivity to all the systems in your customer’s environment to reduce friction
  • Accelerate customer on-boarding and time to value
"Xactly has a relationship with Actian in that Actian is providing, I would say, 90% of the connectors that are available to our customers today for their carriage of data from Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and other big names into Xactly Incent."
– Mark Brennan SaaS Architecture, Xactly Corporation
Did you know?

Actian DataConnect is embedded in offerings from Xactly, Callidus, Adaptive Planning, Netsuite, Daptiv, salesforce.com, Planview, Deltek, Zilliant, and many other SaaS/Software applications.

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Oil and Gas

Managing the world’s energy resources requires a balance of agility and long-range thinking. In a complex regulatory environment with volatile global markets and capital-intensive operations Big Data 2.0 presents an opportunity turn every piece of data into analytic value and automated action.

Harness the power of energy analytics

  • Fully automate supply chain document exchange between operators & suppliers
  • Optimize resources to meet customer requests and focus on core initiatives
  • Reduce supply chain risk with timely purchases and fulfillment
  • Leverage smart technology in field operations to analyze production efficiencies
  • Analyze and track operator and supplier behaviors
  • Stay in compliance with regulatory and standards changes
  • Adapt quickly to changing market pressures
  • Manage multinational operations with greater efficiency and safety
  • Exchange information across resources owners, suppliers, investors and regulators
Did you know?

Actian’s cloud based offering provides the B2B connectivity for the supply chain backbone of some of the largest oil and gas organizations in the world.  In addition, they provide unparalleled visibility and analytics into the transaction activity of the participants.

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