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Open, Fast and Enterprise-Grade.
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What Makes Us Different

An Analytics Platform and Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

The future may be uncertain, but one thing is for sure. You’ll never have less data than you do today. Making the most of that data today while preparing for the future requires an analytics platform that is open, fast and enterprise-grade. Actian’s software is architected with these 3 principles in mind.

An Open Analytics Platform

Technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Hive have allowed companies to explore big data analytics in ways previously not possible. Offering the best of the collective community that contributes to their evolution, open source software provides a great, low-cost entry for companies to experiment with big data and analytics. Actian’s products are built on an analytics platform whose foundation is openness – one that allows you to leverage existing investments, extend your ecosystem and protect you from vendor lock-in.

Analytics Platform Technology Built for Speed

Performance always matters. Whether you’re trying to catch fraud in real-time, analyze financial transactions or decide the next best offer to make to a customer, you need to do so in a timely manner. The windows of opportunity have become smaller and smaller as customers become more empowered. Many analytics platforms are encumbered by performance that slows when data sets get larger. We believe you should be able to access all of your data, not just a sample, with no impact to performance. That’s why Actian software is built on an analytics platform designed for speed. With blazingly fast analytics engines, you can get results more quickly and stay a step ahead of the competition.

An Analytics Platform for Enterprise-Grade Analytics

The emergence of technologies like Hadoop is relatively young, compared to the traditional database and warehouse environments that you’ve worked with for years. Experimentation is one thing, but we believe that when you’re putting these into production, you can’t afford an analytics platform that lacks industrial strength capabilities. Actian brings these proven, mature features that we’ve developed and hardened for decades, into Hadoop. This allows you to take full advantage and realize true business outcomes. From security to scalability to support, we can help you accelerate your analytics ROI and future-proof your business.

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