Actian Matrix
and Actian Vector

Speed Time to Analytic Value

Actian accelerates the entire analytics value chain from connecting to massive amounts of raw big data all the way to delivering actionable business value from sophisticated analytics. The platform addresses business opportunities with high performance analytics at low latency and excels in multiple dimensions:

  • Fastest Time-to-Value – deliver actionable insights directly to the business
  • Best-in-class Price Performance – highest performing analytics, low infrastructure costs
  • Easy and Modular Deployment – built from the ground up to grow with your business
  • Extreme Agility – automatically adapt to changing user, analytic, or business needs
  • Unlimited Scale-Out – intelligently handle increasing data, users, and analytics sophistication

Accelerate Big Data


Actian Matrix is purpose-built to accelerate all your analytics from simple analytics like historical reporting to more sophisticated discovery analytics on Hadoop. Even highly complex predictive and contextual analytics run in seconds. Imagine a platform that uses modern visual frameworks and adaptive workload management to hide complexity and enable all your users to run analytics without having to become data scientists. That’s Big Data for the Rest of Us!™

Accelerate Hadoop


Perform Hadoop ETL and Analytics 10X Faster

Access, prepare, and analyze data natively in Hadoop in minutes instead of weeks with Actian DataFlow. Create workflows to pull together data from all your data sources, quickly prepare the data, analyze it and output it to the visualization tool of your choice. Spend less time preparing your Hadoop data and more time analyzing it to uncover new insights.

Process Hadoop Data Without Coding

Stop programming in MapReduce every time you need to perform ETL or analyze your Hadoop data. Take fast Hadoop analytics development to the next level using the Actian DataFlow extensions for KNIME. Build end-to-end analytics workflows in the KNIME open source data mining platform’s award-winning graphical point, click and configure interface. Save weeks or even months with DataFlow’s generous set of pre-built data preparation and analytics operators already optimized for parallel execution. Run faster iterations and get results quicker from your Hadoop data without writing a single line of code.

Improve Accuracy Using All Your Data

Don’t settle for a 2% data sample. Eliminate loss of granularity from too much aggregation. Transform, load and mine all the data stored in Hadoop in the time you’re taking now to process a tiny sample. Take the processing to where the data lives – right on the cluster. Process more data to find patterns, outliers, and get more accurate answers to your questions. Enrich Hadoop with data stored in other sources to gain contextual depth in your analysis.

Accelerate Analytics


Perform Big Data Analytics at Massive Scale

Redefine big data analytics for your company with the highest performing analytics database.  Its massively parallel, columnar, compressed, compiled approach delivers industry leading performance at a fraction of the price.  Unmatched built-in algorithms, in-database analytics, load capacity and sheer processing power deliver the fastest Hadoop acceleration and analytics database on the planet.  Achieve a rapid analytic discovery process, quicker time to analytic value, and on-demand processing of analytic complexity never thought possible.

Speed Time to Analytic Value

When it comes to analytic decisions, nothing matters more than timeliness. Realize faster queries, quicker analytic iterations, and rapid deploy­ment of analytic applications.  Get the analytic results you need in seconds – not days or hours.  Actian Matrix is the only analytics database with five levels of optimizations to supercharge analytic processing for faster delivery of answers across massive datasets.  Experience faster query times, faster access to analytics, faster analytic discovery, all with access to more detailed and diverse data – increase your return on analytic investments.

Analyze Anything Without Constraints

Run more complex analytics on larger, diverse data sets to improve customer experience, reduce risk, and streamline inventory management & operations.  Actian Matrix was built from the ground up for high performance analytics and fast Hadoop acceleration. Its scale out architecture allows more data, more users, more analytics, and greater sophistication. And with its linear scaling, there is no limit to the amount of data or level of detail you can analyze.  Run ad-hoc queries and ask so­phisticated questions with access to larger and more diverse data sets.

Accelerate BI


Deliver Reports and Insights Faster

Give end-users what they really want – fast analytics.  Enable more concurrent business users to explore more data faster.  Empower users to drill down into billions of rows of data in seconds to deliver analytics at the speed of thought.   Easily connect to your preferred visualization front-end application and query data using industry standard SQL.

Get Higher Performance with Less Hardware

Benefit from state-of-the-art vector technology that unlocks hidden performance features in modern CPUs for record-breaking performance.   Actian Vector was designed from the ground up to remove the performance bottlenecks found in relational databases. Rather than database tuning, performance is achieved by unlocking performance features on commodity hardware. Get faster insight from your data with less hardware costs and less effort.

Make Analytics Faster and Easier

Deploy BI projects faster – without risky, complex and costly data warehouse projects. Actian Vector makes performance so fast that you can get started sooner quicker without OLAP cubes, schemas and complex builds of aggregations.  Give users faster and deeper insight and reduce analytic workloads.

Connect Anything


Invisibly Connect to Any Data Source

With hundreds of connectors, you can seamlessly connect to any data source.  Enrich data from your enterprise applications and data warehouse with big data stored in Hadoop and in the cloud.  Actian makes it easier to combine different data sets for analyses.

Improve Business Insights

Gain better insights using more accurate and fresher data.  Transform and cleanse data faster and easier. Give users access to the latest data.  Make your decision-making process more accurate by combining data from multiple sources to add context and completeness.

Process More Data Faster

Access and process disparate data faster than ever.  Automate time consuming data preparation jobs.   Instantly connect to any data source and move data when it is ready – either in batches or the moment it is created in real-time.

Analyze Everything


Analyze Faster

Enable growing numbers of business and analytics users to explore more data faster. Surpass user expectations and reduce query response times to seconds, not minutes or hours.  Deliver richer, more current analytic information across your organization.  Integrate and combine analytics from different parts of the company to create more sophisticated analytics with new value.

Analyze Anything

Speed up the most challenging analytical problems with a rich library of 700+ advanced analytic functions. Easily and quickly incorporate advanced mathematical algorithms for more sophisticated analyses. Deepen your data science with statistical modeling, data mining and predictive analytics.  Build your own library of advanced functions customized to your business to drive a competitive advantage.

Analyze Unconstrained

Give users access to the full range of data needed to make the right decision every time.  The platform’s unique On Demand Integration (ODI) architecture creates an open environment where analysts can bring in data automatically as needed from a data warehouse and Hadoop for richer analysis.  Extend intelligence to more front line business people to help them make smarter decisions every day.  And, go beyond the enterprise – put analytics in the hands of customers and partners to maximize the value of your relationships.

Automate Actions


Accelerate Business with Automated Actions

Insight is great, but real value happens when you take action. Actian accelerates the pace of business with event-driven decision-making to improve customer experience.  Turn insight into business value.

Graduate Sophisticated Analytics into Real-Time Apps

Real-time applications like fraud, cyber security, and customer engagement require complex computations sifting through massive data. Improve the precision of automated decisions with new models being deployed in minutes instead of days.

Take Action at the Speed of Business

Embed operational analytics in your business.  Take action in real-time, right as the business event takes place from the cloud or with Hadoop acceleration. Influence the outcome as it happens. Empower business users to easily set up alert triggers against any data without IT help.


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