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Actian Vector – Community Edition Launches on Azure Marketplace

Actian Corporation

March 20, 2018

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Last November we announced that Actian Vector – Community Edition, our high-performing SQL analytics solution for the cloud, launched for free on the AWS Marketplace. Now we’re happy to announce that a similar version has now been released on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace in a similar free-to-use pricing model.

If you are a SQL analytics application or solution developer who is considering building a high-performing SQL analytics solution in the Cloud or struggling with the cost, performance, or maintenance overhead of your existing SQL analytics application in the Cloud, then consider Vector Community Edition as the SQL database that drives your application.

What Makes Vector Different?

Vector is different in a number of ways. It was built from the ground up to utilize modern hardware architecture in ways that no other product can. Vector includes several innovations that exploit available features in a modern CPU such as SIMD2 instructions, larger chip caches, super-scalar functions, out-of-order execution, and hardware-accelerated string-based operations to name a few. You can find an exhaustive list in the Vector Whitepaper.

These innovations make Actian Vector achieve record performance and price/performance levels for the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s Industry Standard TPC-H benchmark. Additionally, Vector’s innovations can significantly impact your application performance. The users or services that interact with your application can take action much more quickly since you can provide them insights much faster than before.

If doing fast SQL analytics is important to your application or service and you’re struggling to do it economically, Vector can help you.

Vector also requires minimal tuning. You load your large analytic datasets into it and run your queries to get back results almost instantaneously. This frees you from doing complex DBA tasks to focus on your application/service instead.

Actian Vector – Community Edition on Microsoft Azure

You can learn more about Vector, the Community Edition on Microsoft Azure, and getting it all set up with the following links:

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