Actian Units Defined

How Pay-for-What-You-Use Works

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Actian Units (AUs)


Your Actian Cloud Data Warehouse is a cluster on the Google Cloud.  The size of your Data Warehouse is defined by the size of your cluster in terms of Actian Units (AUs).  An AU is a logical measure of the computing capacity of the cluster.  Generally, the more AUs you specify, the faster your data loading and queries will be.

Cluster Cost and Actian Units

Actian Data Platform uses on-demand hourly billing. Here are the key principles to understand:
  • You pay only for the Actian Units (AUs) that you use. For example, if you have an 4-AU cluster that runs for an hour, you will pay 4 * the hourly AU fee for that region for the hour.
  • Storage is charged separately, as it is NOT included in the price of the AU.
  • If you stop the cluster, Actian turns off computing and there are no AU compute charges but the cluster will keep your data and relevant resources for you to start back up and continue from where you left off.  For the duration of your stopped cluster, storage costs will remain and are billed separately using a calculation of $24 per TB per month.  For example, if you have 10TB of data backed-up you will see a separate charge of $240.
  • If you delete your Actian Cluster, you will not accrue any charges. You will not be charged for any cluster that fails to be provisioned.
  • You can scale up and down your Cluster AU and separate storage sizes and the separate billing for AU compute and storage will scale up and down accordingly.

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