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Superior Analytics Performance
for the Data-Driven Enterprise

The Avalanche Cloud Data Platform is a fully managed hybrid cloud data platform service designed from the ground up to deliver high performance and scale across all dimensions – data volume, concurrent user, and query complexity – at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. It is a true hybrid platform that can be deployed on-premises as well as on multiple clouds, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, enabling you to migrate or offload applications and data to the cloud at your own pace.


Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Seamlessly deploy and manage across multiple clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and on-premises


Superior Performance

Gain immediate insights with the fastest data warehouse, up to 20x faster than alternative solutions


Unbeatable Cost Savings

Best price-performance compared to other solutions, including a 50% lower cost guarantee vs Snowflake


Discover What We Can Do For You

We know that every organization has unique needs and priorities for their data warehouse. Select the capabilities that are important to you, and learn how Avalanche is uniquely designed to meet your requirements.

Discover Avalanche Now

Major healthcare claim processor reduces claim settlement time by 50%

Avalanche cloud data platform

“Actian Avalanche is poised to transform data-driven organizations through unparalleled cloud data warehouse performance”

Any way you want it – on-premises,
multi-cloud or hybrid

Hybrid – Seamlessly runs in the cloud and on-premises using the same technology – one technology to deploy and manage

Federated query – Executes queries that access data from both on-premises and cloud data stores at the same time without any data movement

Multi-cloud – Avoids vendor lock-in by supporting AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Low-risk migration – Enables data to be kept on-premises due to compliance requirements or other business restrictions

Blazing fast performance with
industry-leading concurrency

Vector processing – Operates on hundreds of tuples of data by exploiting SIMD support in x86 CPUs

CPU cache maximization – Uses private CPU core and caches as execution memory – 100x faster than RAM

Separation of compute and storage – Pay only for what you use

Zero penalty updates – Performs analytical queries as the data warehouse is being updated without any performance degradation

Advanced columnar storage – Implements compression by data type, leading to 4-6x improved compression and reduced data footprint

MPP architecture – Scale out to hundreds of nodes and petabytes of data

High Concurrency – Built for high volume of concurrent users, allowing up to 64 concurrent users out-of-the-box

Modern analytics – Incorporates Hadoop, Kafka, streaming, mobile and IoT data, and connects to your favorite AI/ML applications

without the complexity

Fully managed – Reduces administration costs and implementation time

Highly secure – Enterprise firewalls, intrusion detection, SIEM logging, SOC-II compliance, authentication integration, key management, security patching, and many others

JSON support – Parse and import  JSON documents. Work with semi-structured data within a relational database with ease.

UDF support – Perform database operations that are not available through built-in, system-defined functions. Build customized SQL, JavaScript and Python code that runs alongside supported SQL queries.

Seamless integration – Provides comprehensive integration capabilities to SaaS applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite and Marketo, and on-premises sources

Extensive SQL support – Standard ANSI SQL enables the use of existing SQL without rewrite

Open – Offers industry standard data access, including support for Spark, ODBC, JDBC, .NET

Interoperability – Delivers extensive interoperability with legacy on-premises and native cloud apps as well as ETL and BI tools

Backup & Recovery – Offers customized schedule for point-in-time backup and recovery

Flexible consumption model


Flexible consumption model

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True Hybrid Cloud Data Platform
That Lets Your Data Live Where It Belongs

The Avalanche Cloud Data Platform takes advantage of performance features in today’s CPUs to maximize the use of compute while optimizing memory usage and storage. The result? High performance and scale across all dimensions – data volume, concurrent user volume, and query complexity – at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

Actian Avalanche Architecture


Analytical Apps Give everyone on the team the access they need with an ecosystem of persona-based analytical tools.

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Optimized Compute

Optimized Compute
Elevate your absolute throughput performance to new heights by maximizing your compute resources.

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Elastic Storage

Elastic Storage
Increase/decrease compute and storage independently of one another.

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Hybrid Multi-Cloud Platform

Hybrid Multi-Cloud PlatformDeploy on-premises as well as on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud using the same technology.

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Source the data with just a few clicks using 200 pre-built integration templates or industry-standard ETL tools such as Informatica and Talend.

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Empower your users to access data and perform queries using familiar tools and languages

Avalanche works with all your analytical applications to support the needs of users with a wide range of technical skills. Each persona, including business analysts, data scientists and data engineers, can interact with Avalanche using familiar tools and languages that your organization has already invested in. Hundreds of users can access the dataset and perform their own ad hoc queries at the same time without experiencing performance degradation.

Robust-Access (1)

Persona-based Analytical Apps

Avalanche meets the needs of a wide range of roles and associated skill sets by providing full SQL compliance and SQL tools support, as well as support for Python, Jupyter, R-Lib, TensorFlow, and virtually any visualization and reporting tool.


Elevate absolute throughput performance to new levels

Avalanche uses Vector processing to operate on hundreds of tuples of data in a single CPU cycle, and keep the data compressed even in CPU cache instead of decompressing in the RAM, delivering higher CPU utilization and hence significantly faster performance.

Avalanche can uniquely perform real-time updates of data while analytical queries are being run without adding any latency. In contrast, alternative solutions typically take a 40 to 60% performance hit.


Fastest Compute

Actian Avalanche takes advantage of powerful CPU features such as SIMD instructions, larger chip caches, super-scalar functions, out-of-order execution, and hardware-accelerated string-based operations to deliver industry-leading performance.


Achieve cost efficiency with optimized storage

Avalanche separates compute from storage so that you can increase or decrease these two components independently of each other. Pay only for what you use by switching off compute resources altogether when they are not needed.

Avalanche uses resilient, high-performant storage mechanisms such as Elastic Block Storage (EBS) in AWS, Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen 2 in Azure, and HDFS/POSIX for on-premises. Avalanche’s advanced compression algorithms, combined with using the most efficient algorithm for the data stored in every block, leads to the most optimized use of storage. This helps reduce your total cost of ownership.


Native High Performance

Avalanche uses resilient, high-performant storage mechanisms such as Elastic Block Storage in AWS and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 in Azure. This way, it can handle a high volume of concurrent users which also helps to keep your costs down.


Spark-Enabled External Tables

Avalanche’s built-in external table capability enables you to locally access data that is residing outside of the data warehouse. This makes it much easier to use and requires far less coding.


Seamlessly run on a broad range of platforms, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, a managed private cloud, or on-premises

Avalanche is built for multi-cloud by design. The same Avalanche platform is available on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and on-premises on POSIX environments as well as VMWare containers. All deployments, regardless of location, are compatible so you don’t have to relearn the technology or alter your query workloads. It provides the perfect solution for on-premises datasets that cannot move to the cloud due to compliance requirements or other business restrictions.


Flexible Deployment Options

Avalanche is a true hybrid platform that can be deployed on-premises as well as on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.


Integrate with your enterprise applications with just a few simple clicks

Avalanche enables you to reuse existing data ETL connections such as Informatica and Talend. It also provides over 200 pre-built enterprise connectors to popular data sources such as ServiceNow, Salesforce and PeopleSoft. You can source data from data sources with just a few clicks in the UI and, more importantly, the integration is fully managed by Avalanche.

Avalanche’s extensive industry standard API and connector support enables you to easily incorporate new data sources as well.


Pre-built Integration

Avalanche excels on connectivity, with over 200 pre-built connectors to popular enterprise applications such as Salesforce, Workday, SAP and Netsuite that are available out-of-the-box. You can also reuse your existing ETL tools.


Avalanche Architecture Whiteboard Video

This six minute technical overview highlights the innovative capabilities of Avalanche, including vectorized processing, multi-core parallelism, and smart compression.

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Keep Your Organization
Secure and Compliant

We know that protecting data is fundamental to doing business today. You can trust your data with Avalanche hybrid cloud data warehouse, whether it is deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Delivering robust security for our customers is a core aspect of our design principles. Avalanche delivers advanced security at both the database and cloud service levels.


Cloud Security Alliance

As part of the Cloud Security Alliance, Avalanche continuously adopts best practices to ensure secure cloud computing


SOC-II Compliant

Avalanche follows strict policies encompassing the security, availability, processing, integrity and confidentiality of your data


Data Encryption

Avalanche provides disk level data-at-rest encryption, columnar encryption, and encryption in transit


Dynamic Data Masking

Avalanche ensures that sensitive data is not seen by the user while no physical change to the original data takes place


VPC Isolation

Data plane is separated from the management plane; each warehouse is only accessible through user-specified IP addresses and can also be isolated from the public internet


Discretionary Access Control

Direct access to the warehouse requires an IP allow list as well as database authentication

Learn More About Avalanche Security

The Secret Ingredient
that Powers Business Success

Actian Avalanche helps businesses like yours succeed everyday. By delivering in-the-moment analytics with the industry’s fastest analytic database, Avalanche helps identify trends and other patterns that lead to superior business outcomes.


Customer 360

Harness data from all relevant sources to micro-segment customers, personalize offers, and optimize marketing campaigns


Risk Management

Identify, evaluate and control financial risk with unlimited scalability and real-time streaming analytics


Claims Integrity

Dramatically reduce cycle time, improve cash flow, and identify fraudulent activity by accelerating data ingestion and analytics

Orion_money (1)

Pricing Optimization

Integrate and analyze all forms of data, including streaming data, to determine the best price point for maximizing revenue


Accelerated BI

Create dashboards in real time using Big Data-scale set of data, performing complex operations such as count distinct functions


Network Analytics

Use network data and machine intelligence to significantly reduce operational costs and improve the customer experience


“As an innovative provider of leading network monitoring solutions to manage global transportation and mobile systems, Expandium pushes the edge of Big Data technologies. With explosive growth in mobile data, we’ve developed our new network intelligence platform on Actian to perform near real-time data ingestion in a production environment. We’re excited about employing Actian’s new native Spark integration to stream data to machine learning solutions to sustain our technical leadership. ”

Rodolphe Guillard, Software Team Leader, Expandium

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The compute capacity you need, paid for only when in use.


Price Performance

9X the queries for the
same cost of compute.



Comprehensive, built-in
integration capabilities.

Do More with Less

Actian Avalanche offers multiple options to get started with a cloud data warehouse that fits your needs.Our built in compute accelerator provides incredible performance at affordable prices. Get started now with our base option or contact us for enterprise-ready custom options

    * Avalanche Units (AU) are priced per hour of use. Storage priced separately.

    Total Cost of Usage: The Modern Metric for Understanding the
    True Value of Cloud Data Warehouses

    by Early Adopter Research

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    What is a cloud data warehouse?

    A cloud data warehouse is a database delivered in a private or public cloud infrastructure. It can be a self-managed or managed service and is easier to scale, easier to use, and typically more cost-effective for your analytics needs.

    What are hybrid-cloud benefits?

    The main benefit of a hybrid-cloud infrastructure is organizational flexibility to have sensitive data and applications housed on-premises and offload less sensitive data and applications to the cloud. Hybrid cloud also allows organizations to be more agile with the capability to scale without making large capital investments.

    Is hybrid-cloud secure?

    The simple answer is yes, Hybrid Cloud is secure. However, because hybrid cloud architecture is highly interconnected with your internal on-premises infrastructure, the security posture of your organization and policies and procedures regarding sensitive company data should be a top priority when the planning around hybrid cloud infrastructure decisions are being done.