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High Performance Enterprise Object Database for Complex data

Versant’s object technology enables software developers to handle database requirements for extremely complex object models with ease. The Versant products do not require implementing any mapping code to persist or retrieve objects. When your requirements change and your object model evolves over time, Versant products will take care of schema modifications; even without any down time during production. The Versant Object Database is used by the world’s largest enterprises that have significant large-scale data management requirements. Versant FastObjectsis an object management system, which requires minimal administration and works equally well in embedded or client/server applications. Find out which Versant product fits your needs.

Versant Object Database – Enterprise

The Versant Object Database is used by the world’s largest enterprises that have significant large-scale data management requirements. The main benefit of Versant Object Database comes into play when things get tough – if your object model becomes even moderately complex, mapping it to a relational database becomes a practical impossibility. The Versant Object Database can easily handle growth in enterprise object models – access time to objects is constant, independent of the inheritance structure. Relational database management systems have trouble mapping large object models. Not only do the SQL statements get longer with each level of inheritance or indirection, but object access gets slower and slower.

If your object model evolves over time, Versant Object Database allows you to change the database schema accordingly, while your application is up and running. Versant Object Database calculates and applies the changes needed automatically by analyzing your Java or C++ classes.

Sample Versant Object Database Schema

Sample Schema

The picture shows a real life database schema with over 2.900 classes and 4.500 relations between them.

Versant Object Database Highlights

  • Blazing fast JPA 2.0 implementation (http://polepos.org) – Get the best bang for your buck!
  • Dual client/server caching architecture – Improve performance by balancing resources
  • No mapping code required – Focus on the business problem
  • Architected for multi-core scalability – Get the most value from your hardware
  • Minimal administration overhead – No specialized DBA required
  • Online schema evolution – Update your application without downtime

Downloads and Documentation

Java developers
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C++ Developers – Request a demo and see firsthand how the Actian Object Database can make life easier for you.

Current Release is VOD 8.0. It provides enhanced support for high performance computing multi-CPU / multi-core server architectures, significant optimizations in internal memory management and caching implementations, and improvements to its standard programming interfaces for C++ and Java.

Versant JPA implements the Java Persistence API 2.0 with enhancements to reflect the superior VOD backend capabilities, including “Burst Fetching” for unbeatable traversal performance.

Versant FastObjects – Embedded

Versant FastObjects Database is a high performance, transactional object client-server database designed to meet the requirements of object oriented programmers with a need to manage application objects with a robust embedded client-server database. FastObjects Client-Server Database consists of a core database server system that provides the essential client-server database functionality and a set of client-side application libraries that are linked into the application executable. The client-server database schema and the database access code are generated directly from the object model residing in the application programming language. Supported are C++ and .NET. Application objects and their relationships are transferred in the internal client-server database representation thereby eliminating any need for schema or “object to relational” mapping code.

Versant FastObjects Highlights

  • Efficient direct object storage – Eliminate object-to-relational mapping
  • Streamlined management of complex schema – Automatic extraction and migration of schema
  • High speed navigation and retrieval – Objects are stored with references to allow fast retrieval and direct navigation from object to object
  • Data integrity – Full support for all traditional data integrity features such as transactions, logging and pessimistic or optimistic locking
  • Horizontal scale out (optional) – FastObjects Client-Server Database can be configured as a “Master” server with any number of read-only “Replica” servers in a horizontal scale out scenario.

Downloads and Documentation:

Request a demo and see firsthand how Actian FastObjects can make life easier for you.

Current Release is Versant FastObject 12.0

Success Stories


Echelon powers world’s leading control networks with the Versant FastObjects Client-Server Database.


STRATEC Biomedical Systems AG

Versant’s object oriented database is at the core of STRATEC’s biomedical analyzer systems,fully automated testing


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