Atom-smashing speed with unconstrained analytics? Yeah, we’ve got that.

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Big Data Analytics, Massive Scale, Unmatched Speed

There’s fast; there’s ultra-fast; and then there’s Matrix. Its massively parallel, columnar, compressed, compiled approach delivers industry leading performance at a fraction of the price. Unmatched built-in algorithms, in-database analytics, load capacity and sheer processing power deliver the fastest MPP analytics database on the planet. Achieve a rapid analytic discovery process, quicker time to analytic value, and on-demand processing of analytic complexity never thought possible.


Because you shouldn’t have to wait for analytic value

Your time is precious. We get that. When it comes to analytic decisions, you want results in seconds – not days or hours. Actian Matrix is the only MPP analytics database with five levels of optimizations to supercharge analytic processing for faster delivery of answers across massive datasets. Experience faster query times, faster access to analytics, faster analytic discovery, all with access to more detailed and diverse data – increase your return on analytic investments.

MPP Analytics Database Architecture – Bring on the Complexity

When was the last time you looked for more complexity? Matrix thrives on it. Designed for complex analytics on larger, diverse data sets, it can help you improve customer experience, reduce risk, and streamline inventory management & operations. Its scale out architecture allows more data, more users, more analytics, and greater sophistication. And with its linear scaling, there is no limit to the amount of data or level of detail you can analyze. With unprecedented access to larger and more diverse data sets, what questions would you ask your data? And where would the answers take you?

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