Actian Analytics Platform-Hadoop SQL Edition


Run high performance analytics directly on Hadoop at the speed and scale needed to help your organization transform big data into business value.

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Transform Hadoop into a high-performance, fully-functional analytics platform. Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition is the first end-to-end analytics platform built to run 100% natively in Hadoop.  It provides complete data discovery and analytics running natively in Hadoop together with industrialized SQL access to Hadoop data.

Actian’s platform makes Hadoop data repositories accessible to the enterprise by empowering millions of business-savvy SQL users and applications to conduct advanced analytics directly on data in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).   The unified platform combines the highest performing, fully compliant SQL in Hadoop with Actian’s visual data flow framework, all running natively in Hadoop via YARN.

The Actian Analytics Platform uniquely enhances and extends Hadoop for both discovery and time-sensitive analytics using next generation capabilities:

  • Industrialized SQL in Hadoop – provide business users high performance interactive SQL access to all Hadoop data
  • Parallelized Pipelining– run high performance analytics natively in Hadoop up to 30 times faster
  • Data Science Workbench – visually blend and analyze Hadoop data without coding

If you have Hadoop and you’re looking for a way to get transformative business value from your big data investments, the right choice is the Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition.


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Unleash SQL Users on Hadoop without Constraints

Give all your business-savvy, SQL users and analytics applications direct access to all the data in Hadoop. Actian’s Hadoop SQL Edition provides the broad SQL support that users demand from an enterprise-grade analytics platform. Give your data scientists and analysts powerful productivity and accuracy breakthroughs while making Hadoop analytics consumable, accessible and re-usable.



Analyze Hadoop Data 30 Times Faster

Actian’s Hadoop SQL Edition processes data natively in Hadoop up to 30 times faster than the nearest competitive offering! Analyze all your Hadoop data faster with the highest performing analytics platform.  Speed data blending, discovery, and predictive modeling with an embedded high performance data flow engine.  Data scientists, business analysts, and casual users all benefit from the increased speed and scale.



Visually Process Hadoop Data for Faster Answers

Spend less time preparing and enriching your data and more time analyzing it to uncover new insights.  Visually build end-to-end analytics workflows in minutes with a more than 1500 pre-built “drag and drop” data analytics operators.  Enable business analysts to use a drag-and-drop user interface to do data blending and enrichment. Turn analysts loose with SQL-based reports, dashboards, and analytical processing directly in Hadoop.





Improve Analytics Accuracy Using More Data

Boost your analytics firepower and accuracy by enriching traditional data with data stored in unlimited sources. Increase the sophistication of your most strategic analytics to beat the competition many times over. Perform time-sensitive analytics using the freshest Hadoop data available for pinpoint decision-making. Actian turns decision accuracy into your unbeatable competitive weapon.


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